The Summer of Impeachment?

Michael Cohen, a boil on the hemorrhoid on the butt of humanity, has had his office and hotel room raided by the feds.

I do believe that if President Trump were to fire Robert Mueller we could see Republicans and Democrats alike moving toward impeachment. That is actually why I do not think it is likely he fires Mueller even though he clearly wants to.

Michael Cohen, a boil on the hemorrhoid on the butt of humanity, has had his office and hotel room raided by federal agents in search of documents related to porn star payments and other matters. This is far over the red line President Trump declared would be grounds for Mueller to be fired. For a long time there have been rumors that among the payments made by or on behalf of Trump were payments made to women who had had abortions. This is perhaps the one thing that could get evangelicals off the Trump wagon and anything related to that is now in the hands of federal prosecutors.

To go after Trump's lawyer, someone inside the Department of Justice would have had to convince a judge that fraud for a client was possible. As Cohen only really has one client, we can presume this is related to Donald Trump. The odds are that this is not about Russia, but about campaign finance issues that were never disclosed. The cover up is always what gets the big fish.

I do not expect to see impeachment on the immediate horizon. I think we are a ways from things wrapping up. I do think we will see more indictments of people around Donald Trump. And I do suspect Michael Cohen would squeal like a pig if threatened with jail time. A man that awful to others is typically awfully weak. This will get interesting.

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost, a life of institutionalized corruption does not have the best fruit. There is some truth to the unfairness percieved that the Clintons appeared to get away with similar crimes. Not sure why we thought a canidate who seems to be a cross between Bill Clinton and Anthoney Wiener was a great idea that no one was allowed to question?


There are two possibilities that require at least one of them to be true: 1) Trump knew about the payment and is lying. This would violate campaign law. 2) Trump didn't know and Cohen did it on his own. That requires Cohen be disbarred in every state, at a minimum and might be illegal also, whether Trump knew or not.

Pick your scenario.

How many scoundrels is it now with legal problems that Trump hired? Page, Manafort, Flynn, Cohen,.... Trump is an incredibly poor judge of personnel. Some of these clowns, like Cohen, have been around for years. The man digs his own grave. Sure, if he was still a Democrat like he was for 65+ years, it would be buried. That doesn't mean we should excuse it.

Basic competence is not too high of a standard.


I believe I will join you. I am done reading any more of this.

No, the correct response would be for someone to have the courage to call this Mueller investigation what it is: a scam built on the politics, when the law required otherwise. Rod Rosenstein had no legal authority to appoint Mueller, since there was no crime being alleged, and no evidence. That is part of the Special Counsel law, but no one seems to want to admit it, other than Joseph diGenova and Andrew McCarthy. If there was never anything lawful to investigate, there is the allegation for it being that witch hunt Trump , and many others, call it. I can just imagine how you would honestly feel if it was you being the target of an unsubstantiated investigation, but I have doubts you will admit it. What happened to that presumption of innocence that used to be around? Everything I said has nothing to do with whether or not I like this president. It appears that many people don't care about the rule of law, and only wish to see harm come to someone, based on a bunch of gossip, with nothing to back it up, other than a fake piece of paper someone wrote for purely political reasons(Russian dossier). That presumption of innocence is the reason Mueller should have been required to have evidence of a crime before he was even appointed. Welcome to the world of Joseph Stalin.

Only for character. He was elected by enough people to become President, and his actions, while in the White House, are better than par for many other republican presidents. It's this character thing from the past that many people won't let go of. I don't like many things Trump has done in the past, but I see benefit in him in the office. That's all I can expect. The only people who should have a gripe with Trump, over his past, might be his wife, and those directly affected by his actions, but the presidency should be left alone. The voters elected him, no one else. Tyhat's why there is this constant crying. If people were more objective, they might consider the actions of the job, and not the fluff they wish to cling to.

Oh, stop it. If trumps impeached it’s of his own doing. He hand picked these people.