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Today on the show Bloomberg enters the presidential race in a big way, the latest with the Governors replacement pick for US Senate, public support for impeachment is imploding and Rick Perry gets heat for his comments about President Trump.


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This is the one thing on the internet you need to read today

It is remarkably cogent. It is well stated and argued. It would be great if every Republican in the House just hands this out. Please go read this from Congressman Chip Roy.

Richard Blumenthal Undermines the Democrats’ Defense of the FISA Process

This video just has to be seen to be believed. Blumenthal clearly had not read the report when he asked this series of questions or he’d have never asked them.

Impeachment Spoiler: If Clinton Didn’t Get the Boot, Neither Will Trump

I just don’t think this impending impeachment ends well for the Democrats, not because I think the President is immensely popular or that polls favor his acquittal. To be completely transparent, I h …