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Today on the show Iowa is a disaster, Biden gets a small lifeline, Trump is looking at a good week ahead, the SOTU will be forgotten by Friday and where do the Democratic candidates go from here.


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More drama in race to replace Mark Meadows

There’s more drama in the race to replace Mark Meadows, with just a week until the Republican primary. Realtor Lynda Bennett, whom Meadows has endorsed, has come under blistering attacks for all …

Watch The Very Last Debate That Will Ever Matter, If Only to Tell Your Grandkids You Saw It Happen

Tonight is truly one for the history books. It’s the last debate with any consequence. It’s very simple: either Biden or Bloomberg wins this one, or it’s going to be raining Sanders from now on.

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Largely in response to Bernie Sanders’ rise in the Democrat Party primary, the City of Miami—home to tens of thousands of Cubans who fled Fidel Castro’s regime—will host an “anti …