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Five Reasons Joe Biden Won’t Be The Nominee

Joe Biden is simply dominating the field in the Democratic primary. Real Clear Politics has him at +16.9% nationally over second place in a suffocatingly crowded field. Biden has won dozens of races, been on countless debate stages and has a donor network worth more than some countries.  However, things may not be as optimistic […]

New Anti-Gun Law Pushes Town in WA to Create “Sanctuary City” for Gun Rights

Sheriff will not comply with new law and proposes a new ordinance to the City Council.

Justin Amash Nails the Partisan Hypocrisy in Washington Over Syria

Nothing matters except opposing the other side and Rep. Amash offers devastating proof

Rubio Said He’s Not Going To Be Vice President

Marco Rubio returned to Washington as just a lame duck senator and a sad man. “I’m not going to be vice president. I’m not running for governor of Florida. I’m going to finish out my term in the Senate over the next 10 months. We’re going to work really hard here, and we have some […]

Major Important News

As always, The Note does some of the best political reporting, summarizing. Read the whole thing, but definitely see the excerpt below: Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean leads the Democratic presidential field in the important battle for so-called “superdelegates,” according to a new ABC News estimate — the first survey of its kind done this […]

Wall Street Calls The Presidential Race: The Winner Is…

The best way to gauge if a heavy machinery factory is selling its wares is to look at the rust on the rail spur. Similarly, the best way to judge who Wall Street figures to win tomorrow is to look where the money is. If Wall Street shorts the market, planning for the inevitable crash, […]

Payne City

The Telegraph has a bit on Payne City. Payne City doesn’t really grow; it just changes faces. As the elderly long-established remnants of the city’s days as a tight-knit community centered around the textile mill pass away, empty houses are bought and rented out by absentee owners. “In the past 20 years, we’ve gone from […]

Larry Nassar sentenced to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

One week and 169 victim impact statements later, the judge finally throws the book at admitted child molester.

Christopher Columbus Caused Climate Chaos

Another attempt at woke history checks all the right—or should I say left—boxes.

Gun Control Bills Die in Virginia General Assembly, But Fight Isn’t Over

Governor Ralph Northam’s (D-VA) gun package has died in General Assembly committees. But the fight to protect gun rights in Virginia isn’t over.

The Passion of Michael Moore

With a hat tip to Jim Geraghty, Michael Moore has gone to war against the Democratic Leadership Council, the group that wants the Dems to not give in to the left side. Moore writes What’s worse is to watch the pathetic sight of the DLC (the conservative, pro-corporate group of Democrats) apologizing for being Democrats […]

Americans are Packin’

Though measuring the number of American households that have a gun is incredibly difficult

Are You Ready For Some Good News About The Coronavirus Pandemic?

COVID-19 is not mutating quickly. That makes finding an effective vaccine easier.

The Decline of Marriage May Be Over

It is still too early to tell, but the decline of marriage may be reversing. New data shows that the number of divorces is falling while the marriage rate has ticked up slightly. Both changes have occurred for several consecutive years. “The decline [of marriage] has stopped,” Wendy Manning, co-director of the National Center for […]

News To Know

Good Morning. The New York Times reports this morning that the Pentagon is reviewing when to lie to the media. The Times does not like the practice and has “critics” saying “such deceptive missions could shatter the Pentagon’s credibility.” Meanwhile, the Times today is also attacking General Eisenhower for daring to leak phony details of […]

Moral of the Story: Don’t Shoot Blood Into Your Face

So maybe I gave away the plot in the title, but this is insane. To set the stage, the VIP Spa, in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a place where you can go to get some pretty bizarre beauty treatments, for those willing to go to extreme lengths. Certainly I’m not the only one familiar with […]

‘Practicing Catholic’ Joe Biden Officiates Gay Wedding

Last I checked, the pope has not issued a papal bull approving same-sex weddings. To be honest, I haven’t checked at all, because I’m not a Catholic. But Joe Biden is.

Mixed Economic News Hints At Slowing Economy

Job growth seems to be slowing while manufacturing has been in decline for six months.

If Trump Wins South Carolina, Is It Over?

The latest CNN/ORC Poll has Trump at 38, with Cruz trailing 16 points behind. The rest of the polls have Trump between 33 and 35 points, with Cruz trailing a similar amount, and Rubio within the margin of error behind him. What’s astonishing to me is that 51 percent of S.C. voters have not “definitely […]

Georgia’s Magic Numbers

The pre-election polls are clear for Georgia: Trump is way ahead, and based on record-breaking early voting numbers, should perform according to the polls. RT @jleslie11alive #BREAKING – Early voters set new record in GA. 417,491 cast ballots, up from 271,418 in 2008, per @BrianKempGA #11Alive — 11Alive News (@11AliveNews) February 29, 2016 In 2008, […]