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New Zealand gun buyback has yielded poor results.

With the amnesty period closing rapidly, the program hasn’t been very successful. For years, the Left has told us that gun control would never include confiscation of firearms. That façade, whi …

Matt Bevin’s Loss Has Nothing to do With President Trump

In Kentucky, Governor Matt Bevin lost to a Democrat. No Republican Governor of Kentucky has ever won re-election. Democrats have rushed to make this about Bevin, but consider Bevin was at 30% approval …

China Tariffs: Trump’s Winning Hand

Nothing could play better into Trump’s hand than a multi-phased deal with China, with each phase rolling back tariffs and giving American exporters more access to the Chinese market.

House Releases Sondland And Volker Transcripts

Following on yesterday’s release of transcripts of the testimonies of Ambassadors Yovanovitch and McKinley, the House has released the transcripts of the testimonies of Ambassadors Kurt Volker a …

Swing State Polls Look Bad For Donald Trump

Trump loses most swing states to Joe Biden in current polling but fares better against Sanders and Warren.

Good News And Bad News For Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren is fading fast.

Fleeing Paradise: California’s Conservative Exodus

Generations of people flocked to California for the beautiful climate and landscape. Gold, entertainment, and industry lured people in to what seemed like paradise. But as California has drifted furth …

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today: Hour 1 ELECTION DAY REMINDER President begins formal withdrawal from Paris Accord Comes in advance of world summit No G-7 agenda item …

That Which United Us, Now Divides

It would be easy to cast blame on liberals for this. After all, there are so many examples of how they’ve polluted corporate and fast-food realms, the whole NFL kneeling idiocy, and myriad other momen …

So, About that Male Menstruation Commercial

A recent commercial by the female hygiene company Thinx has been making the rounds, and in light of all the sexual insanity that surrounds us, it’s making a lot of people uncomfortable. I’ll admit …

House Releases Impeachment Transcripts

Top official said he has never seen similar attempt to use State Department to dig up political dirt in 37-year career.

The Washington Nationals Go to the WH and Some Are Losing Their Minds Over It

Earlier today, the President and First Lady welcomed newly-minted World Series Champions, the Washington Nationals, to the White House to honor their victory. This comes off the heels of their October …

Pregnant Florida Woman Fends Off Home Invasion With AR-15

The woman’s quick thinking and courage, together with the presence of the gun, saved her family from tragedy.

More Republicans Are Admitting To Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

But denying that it’s a bad thing.

Obama Condemns What He Helped Create

It’s kind of like Al Gore condemning climate hysteria, or like Beyoncé denouncing the over-sexualization of modern music. That’s how I felt watching former President Obama’s recent condemnation …

“The Angry Majority”

The angry majority is exactly the wrong thing to Make America Great Again. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for Trump. Voting is a political act, not an act of fealty. It does mean, however, that …

Damned Christianity

The multiply divorced President has placed a multiply divorced heretic in charge of faith based outreach. The heretic, who practices the prosperity gospel heresy that God will reward us financially if …

BREAKING: Beto Is Dropping Out Of The Presidential Race

Beto O’Rourke has dropped out of the race for President. The gun confiscation ploy seems to have fallen short.

A Pennsylvania State Legislator Just Said The Unthinkable About Life

Austin Approves LGBT Indoctrination Campaign Under Guise of Sex Education

After midnight Monday night and early into Tuesday morning, a long line of over 100 Austin parents and citizens testified before the Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees on a radical, …


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