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WATCH: Ted Cruz’s March for Life Message

LISTEN: My Interview With Governor Brian Kemp

Congressman Chip Roy Takes to the Floor and Explains Why Border Security is So Necessary

The Democrats would have us believe we don’t really need more border security. They would have us believe all the issues are exaggerated — that they are myths. Congressman Chip Roy, a long …

Here’s What Trump Is Serving The Clemson Tigers. (Expense IS Spared.)

How to Win the Border Funding Fight

The President is going to have to go on the campaign trail and show he is being reasonable and is willing to compromise. He is going to have to focus on local media interviews in markets that target s …

Senator David Perdue talks to Erick Erickson

At the 2018 Resurgent Gathering in Austin, TX, Georgia Senator David Perdue sat down and talked with Erick Erickson.

Ajit Pai Talks Net Neutrality and More

FCC Commission Chairman Ajit Pai spoke with Jesse Blumenthal at the 2018 Resurgent Gathering.

Chip Roy at the Resurgent Gathering

Then candidate and now newly elected Congressman Chip Roy sat down with Erick Erickson at the Resurgent Gathering.

Ted Cruz talks to Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson sat down with Senator Ted Cruz at the 2018 Resurgent Gathering.

Scalise: If Schumer Shuts Down the Gov’t, He Will Lose Just Like Last Time

Steve Scalise on a possible government shut down.


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