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Mayor Pete Slams Warren’s Dishonesty On How To Pay For Her Healthcare Plan

After facing criticism for her ambiguity on how to pay for her healthcare plan, Elizabeth Warren was asked a direct “yes or no” question on whether taxes would increase for the middle clas …

Kamala Harris Seriously Claims That ‘Women Will Die’ Because of Republicans

YIKES. Kamala Harris is in strong contention for the bat$hi*** craziest line of the night. Straight out of a fringe left-wing script, Kamala Harris claims that women will die because of Republicans. H …

Anderson Cooper After Joe Biden Says ‘I Came out’: ‘That Would Be News’

Steve Kerr Blasts the U.S. Instead of China Over Human Rights Abuses

IN AMERICA: Pro-Hong Kong Sign Confiscated During Wizards Game

FLASHBACK – Hillary in 2016: Not Accepting Election Results Is a ‘Direct Threat to Our Democracy’

NPR Confronts Beto on How He’ll Confiscate Guns Despite SCOTUS Precedent

CNN: Biden Avoiding Interviews Because He Doesn’t Want To Be Asked About Hunter Biden

AGAIN: Warren Dodges When Asked If Taxes Will Increase on Middle-Class To Pay For Healthcare

AOC Constituent: “I see you on TV, but never hear you anywhere in the neighborhood…”

Pence: The American People Have A Right To Know If Joe Biden’s Family Profited From His Position

Clinton Claims Trump Is An ‘Illegitimate President’

Robert De Niro Begs For Attention By Dropping F-Bombs on CNN

Lindsey Graham on Whistleblower Complaint: This Is a Sham

Pastor Jeffress: There Will Be a ‘Civil War-Like’ Fracture If Trump Is Impeached

Trump: ‘Maduro Is a Cuban Puppet, Protected by Cuban Bodyguards, Hiding from His Own People’

Tlaib: Scientists Say ‘Secondhand Smoke Is Worse than Directly Smoking Cigarettes’

Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel Mock Emmy’s Host-Less Performance

Climate Strike Kids Have “Paralyzing Anxiety” Over Climate Change

Biden Promises 720 Million Women Back to Work Out of 330 Million Americans From Tax Credits


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