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Harris: We Should Have a Conversation About Boston Marathon Bomber Voting

De Blasio on NYC’s Green New Deal: Ban the Glass and Steel Skyscrapers

Mitch McConnell’s Powerful Campaign Ad

NEW: Mayor Pete Takes First Shot at Bernie Sanders

The First 2020 Candidate To Call For Impeachment Proceedings Is…

Barr: Russians Did Not Have the Cooperation of Trump or Trump Campaign

Trump: I’m Having a Good Day, No Collusion, No Obstruction

AOC: I Support ‘Abolishing’ ICE, It Can’t Be Reformed

Buttigieg: GOP Uses The Electoral College to ‘Keep Their Agenda in Play’

Sanders Scoffs at Suggestion He Pay Tax Rates He’s Calling For: ‘I Pay What I Owe’

Shots Fired: Pelosi Says A Glass of Water with a ‘D’ Would Win in AOC’s District

Maxine Waters Has No Idea Student Loans Were Nationalised

DCCC Chairwoman: Texas Is ‘Ground Zero’ for Democrats In 2020 Cycle

Pelosi: Left Flank of Democratic Party Is Like Five People

Booker Claims Releasing Illegal Aliens in Sanctuary Cities Would ‘Make Us Less Safe’

FINALLY! Star Wars… Has… Returned

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker I am going to start off this article with an explanation of my views. After The Last Jedi, I swore off Star Wars. As a die-hard Star Wars fan, this was not …

Tlaib: Criticizing Rep. Omar’s 9/11 Comments ‘Absolutely Putting Her Life in Danger’

Mike Pence Speech to U.N. – Mr. Venezuelan Ambassador, You Shouldn’t Be Here

PENCE RESPONDS: I’ve Worked Closely With Buttigieg and ‘He Knows Better’

US Attorney: Avenatti Stole Millions from Clients


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