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Jonathan Swan: Impeachment Has Been Great for Business, for the Trump Campaign

ABC: Country Has Moved On From Impeachment. Dems Have Not.

Ted Cruz: Trump Has Responsibility To Investigate Hunter Biden’s Prima Facia Evidence of Corruption

OUCH: Chris Wallace Grills Dem Rep Over Celebratory Impeachment Ceremony

Pelosi: Trump Was Impeached and It Will Last Forever

Van Jones On Debate: I Came Away Feeling Worried For The Democratic Party

Al Sharpton On Debate: I Didn’t See Anybody That Can Take On Donald Trump

Joy Behar To Warren: Americans Afraid You’re Going To Tax The Bejesus Out Of Them

LIVE: President Trump Addresses The Nation Over The Iranian Missile Strikes

Rep. Mark Green: Withdrawal from Middle East would ‘Empower and Embolden’ Iran

Pompeo: U.S. Will Hold Iran Accountable for Embassy Attack

Molly Ball: Trump Fundraising ‘Is a Real Warning Sign for Democrats’

Biden Claims People Are Crossing From Venezuela To Bolivia. Except Bolivia Is 100’s Of Miles Away

OUCH: Even CNN Points Out Schumer’s Hypocrisy

Doug Collins: American People Will Remember What Dems Did This Christmas Next November

OUCH: Buttigieg Calls Warren A Hypocrite For Failing Her Own Fundraiser Purity Tests

Dems Blast Rep. Van Drew Calling Him A “Traitor” And A “Rat” For Turning Republican

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show

Ted Cruz Has The Perfect Summary Of What Happened At The FBI. IG Agrees.

It’s hard to argue with this.

CNBC’s Cramer: These Are The Best Jobs Numbers Of Our Lives. We Are Winning Trade War.


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