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Sports Site Compares Excluding Biological Men From Women’s Sports to the Holocaust, Martina Navratilova to Goebbels

In slamming tennis legend Martina Navratilova, a lesbian herself, for questioning what she called “the transgender problem” in women’s sports, popular LGBT sports site Outsports writ …

Hey Olympics, Here’s Why You Can’t Have Nice Things

In case you hadn’t heard already, the 2024 Olympics will take place in Paris. While the games are more than five years away, the International Olympic Committee is working on determining which s …

The Triumphs and Struggles of the Alliance of American Football

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) launched the weekend after the Super Bowl with plenty of promise. A slate of exciting games and curiosity about the new league brought viewers in – one ga …

Here’s Why College Baseball is So Much Fun

Most anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of college baseball. OK, so I’m a fan of baseball at every level, but there’s nothing like the college game. It’s hard to matc …

Pro Football’s Still Happening

The Alliance of American Football’s here, and I went to their first game.

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: What We Learned From The Super Bowl

The Party Fans hated last night’s Super Bowl. You know the Party Fans, right? Party Fans are the ones who only watch one game a year, care more about the halftime and the commercials than they d …

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: The Lawsuit Edition

Wait. Hold on a minute. You get to sue sports figures and organizations just because games don’t go your way? Attorney Frank D’Amico Jr. is suing the NFL. The official reason is for the po …

White Nationalists Plan Stone Mountain Rally for Super Bowl Weekend

As a long time Atlanta area resident, I can’t for the life of me imagine why our elected officials are so eager to welcome another Super Bowl. It’s not as if our city ever handles large sp …

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Seven Stages Of Grief

Last week I was wrestling with the very real possibility of the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots playing in the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia. Such an occurrence would be like two peop …

Former NFL Player Beats Man For Peeping Through His Daughter’s Window

There’s been a lot of talk about toxic masculinity lately. Even razor companies are joining in on the conversation. The problem with the conversation is how we define our terms. For many, toxic …

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: It’s The Hate That Gets Me Through

When you cheer for the teams that I cheer for, once the season starts winding toward the playoffs and the championship game, you’re sort of like the kid that couldn’t find a date to the pr …

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: The Kale Chips Versus The Banjos

Maybe PETA is on to something for once in its existence.

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Sort Of Like That One Kid Down The Street

An allegory, a couple of awards, and a few predictions.

Watching College Football: BOWL WEEK 3/PLAYOFF

Welcome to the best games of the year. Mostly.

Thank Goodness Actor Chris Pratt Isn’t the Only A-Lister Who Goes Hunting

There’s a lot of brouhaha over actor Chris Pratt hunting. He’s not the only A-lister to harvest his meat.

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Tossing It Around In The Backyard

Important Lessons On OBJ, Streisand, and the Hail Mary

Dicks’ Sporting Goods Chose Social Justice Warriors Over Its Customers

Now the company will be closing stores

Urban Meyer To Retire After Rose Bowl

And there was great rejoicing throughout the land (except in Ohio.)

France Rolls Back Gas Tax That Sparked Riots

Is it a victory for the people or caving in to the mob?

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: It’s All Martin Luther’s Fault

Notre Dame stayed home and watched Rudy.


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