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The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Sort Of Like That One Kid Down The Street

An allegory, a couple of awards, and a few predictions.

Watching College Football: BOWL WEEK 3/PLAYOFF

Welcome to the best games of the year. Mostly.

Thank Goodness Actor Chris Pratt Isn’t the Only A-Lister Who Goes Hunting

There’s a lot of brouhaha over actor Chris Pratt hunting. He’s not the only A-lister to harvest his meat.

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Tossing It Around In The Backyard

Important Lessons On OBJ, Streisand, and the Hail Mary

Dicks’ Sporting Goods Chose Social Justice Warriors Over Its Customers

Now the company will be closing stores

Urban Meyer To Retire After Rose Bowl

And there was great rejoicing throughout the land (except in Ohio.)

France Rolls Back Gas Tax That Sparked Riots

Is it a victory for the people or caving in to the mob?

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: It’s All Martin Luther’s Fault

Notre Dame stayed home and watched Rudy.

Championship Week: College Football Notes and Rankings

An upset-free Championship Week leaves 3 “in” and 3 with a glimmer of hope for a 4th spot. Now, we wait.

In The Name Of Inclusivity Women Get Xed Out

We don’t have to wait for men who think they are women to erase our accomplishments. They are erasing our gender.

Congress is Now Taxing Churches. It Must Reverse Itself.

An unnoticed provision of the GOP’s tax plan will impose an income tax on churches.

Is Trump Causing Divorce?

Why are so many relationships hitting the skids because of Donald Trump?

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Questions That Demand Answers

Who on earth is behind this new Aquaman movie?

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Questions That Must Be Answered

Who on earth is behind this new Aquaman movie?

France is On Fire Over Fuel Tax Woes

French protestors are increasingly dismayed by Macron’s climate change agenda.

Rivalry Week: College Football Notes

A rundown of college football updates on the coaching carousel, Heisman Watch, and push for the playoff

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Bowl Season Comes Early

Georgians are paying almost a billion dollars in taxes to watch other teams beat their team in a nice new stadium.

College Football Top 25- Week 11

There are 4 teams clearly in front for a playoff berth, but history tells us a lot will change over the coming weeks.

The Resurgent’s Football Recap: Two Stone Cold Facts And A Simple Question

Do you know what it takes to get fired from a coaching position at the University of Louisville?

College Football Top 25- Week 10

We are closing in on the playoff, and the field is narrowed to 10… for now.


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