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WATCHING FOOTBALL: COVID Scheduling, PAC-12 Players Strike, The XFL

Face the facts from fascinating football front-pages flying fast and furious, friends. (Sorry.)

WATCHING FOOTBALL: Big Ten 2020 Season Preview

Get geared up for the Big Ten’s abbreviated college football season.

WATCHING FOOTBALL: ACC 2020 Season Preview

Who will succeed? Who will fall flat? Is a season even going to happen? I’ll break it down.

WATCHING FOOTBALL: COVID and the Conferences

Here’s how the Power 5 are handling the coronavirus.

Washington is Set to Appease White Liberals with the Redskins’ Name Change

The left will be happy, but the plight of Native Americans won’t actually change.


Can we have a season? Yes. Here’s how.

The Future of College Football: Reviewing Pat Forde’s Realignment

Forde did a good thing by expanding the playoffs. This is long overdue. But he completely missed the mark by capping it at 12 teams, and allowing a selection committee to select the two at-large teams …

When Are Sports Back?

Right now! And also later. Let me tell you when.

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Armchair Quarterbacking the Police

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today: Hour 1 Georgia audit by county Rayshard Brooks shooting What happened Chris Cuomo Keisha Lance Bottoms Police Chief is out Armchair qu …

Major League Baseball Owners Seek to Soak the Rich

If we don’t have Major League Baseball in 2020, don’t blame COVID-19.

Fake Noise and Fake Fans?

Not so long ago, Hank Williams, Jr. appeared on ABC every Monday Night and belted out “Are you ready for some football?”  Sports fans from coast to coast are ready, but are still faced with a …

Coming Soon: An Unrecognizable NFL Season?

By now, we should be used to the upending of schedules. I mean, schools aren’t meeting, Sunday mornings look different, and even work schedules aren’t quite what they used to be. So I supp …

by Gene

NFL (Reality TV) Draft 2020

A few years ago I heard someone say that the NFL had three seasons: Pre-season, regular season and “Favre season.” This was back when Brett Favre was at the end of his career and it seemed …

In the Age of Quarantine, the NFL Draft Will Look Different

Unless you’re hiding under a rock or have completely thrown your calendar out, if you’re a sports fan, you know that tonight (April 23) starts the first round of the NFL Draft. As exciting …

Bloomberg’s Billion Bucks

Mike Bloomberg ran the most expensive self-funded campaign in American history, and one of the shortest. Bloomberg ended his campaign March 4. He ran for 102 days and spent one billion dollars. He won …

(Don’t) Take Me Out to the Ballgame?

April is prime time for sports fans. Major League Baseball gets underway as the calendar turns. College basketball culminates with the Final Four. The PGA tees off with The Masters. Two major sports l …

College Football Probably Won’t Happen This Year Unless Students Can Go Back

For a sports fan, 2020 has been a major disappointment. Baseball has been postponed at the professional level and cancelled at the college level (although, mad props to my Georgia Bulldogs for finishi …


Here’s this week’s games!


Proving everyone wrong, slowly but surely.


A love letter.


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