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Vaccinations are needed for children, and society, to thrive.

Anti-vaccination stances are harming American children. Jake Wagner covered anti-vaccine protests in Washington yesterday, pretty thoroughly I might add. But we need to truly understand the danger tha …

Senate Votes 92-8 to Permanently Reauthorize Land and Water Conservation Fund

This is an actual good bipartisan piece of legislation, unlike most bills brought before the U.S. Senate.

President Trump Told the Truth. Reporters Are Attacking Him as Lying.

Reporters keep saying they want the President to be more truthful. He gave an earful to the crowd in El Paso last night and spoke an uncomfortable truth. The President referred to Governor Northam of …

We Gotta Fight…For the Right…To Die From Eradicated Diseases

Hey Hey Ho Ho vaccines have got to go. As I run out of idiotic chants, The Hill is reporting that there are protests in Washington State regarding the right of parents to refuse to have their children …

Socialism, Not Free Enterprise, Has Deadly Environmental Impact

It’s becoming increasingly clear the path to a clean, healthy environment isn’t socialism. The “Green New Deal” — introduced as a non-binding resolution by socialist darling …

Shame, Disgust, And The Governor Of Virginia

The governor of Virginia supports infanticide. He does not simply support abortion. It’s not just late-term abortions that he throws his weight behind. No, Governor Ralph Northam fully supports …

Democrats Think a Border Wall is Immoral and Infanticide is a Right

This is the state of play into 2020. Democrats have decided to blast through their own historic norms and go straight to radical socialism on the economic front and nihilist social policy. They are, i …

WATCH: Does Pro-Life Really Just Mean Pro-Birth?

Last week I wrote on the horror of what just happened in New York, where the legislature passed a law on the dark anniversary of Roe v Wade that, amongst other things, achieved these three devastating …

Democrats in Virginia Push For Legalizing Abortion During Child Birth

This really is unreal. Democrats in the Virginia House, led by Kathy Tran, wants to pass a bill that would make last minute, not just late term, abortions the law. It is actually infanticide. You don& …

Doing Nothing Remains the Best Solution Against Climate Change

The world’s scientists keep telling us that in ten years things will be irreversible when it comes to fighting climate change. The problem is they’ve been telling us we had about ten years …

Democrats Can’t Expect This Won’t Be Reciprocated, Can They?

The Obama Administration issued regulations on provisions for birth control rules and the Trump Administration intends to carve out some exemptions for religious organizations. To be clear, the Trump …

Fishing is Undeniably Good for the Soul

Travel + Leisure highlighted the mental benefits of fishing. Here’s why you should grab a pole and hit the water in 2019.

Department of Health and Human Services May Tighten Legal Definition of Gender

In a recently obtained memo, DHHS officials suggest narrowing the definition of gender to what is biologically certain.

Why Conservatives Are Losing Health Care Policy Battles

The GOP pledged to “Repeal & Replace” Obamacare. They won the election but lost the policy fight. There’s a reason.

Warning: Selfies Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!

Is taking your own picture really worth dying for?

Tech Companies Want to Modernize Health Care

Major technology firms want to move health care technologies to open standards

Health Insurance Frustrations Emerging As Campaign Issue

Insurance premiums are poised to spike just before the election.

High School History Textbook Questions Trump’s Mental Health

The upcoming textbook “By The People” suggests that Trump’s supporters were motivated by racism.

Warning: Sexting can be hazardous to your health!

Has it really come to this? That we have to even SAY THIS is a travesty.


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