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Attorney General Barr Wades Into State Shutdown Orders

Attorney General William Barr is determined to inject a dose of common sense into some states’ lockdown measures, even if it means taking their governors to court. “We have to give busines …

NIH Recommends Against Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine patients had a higher death rate but no significant reduction in the need for ventilators.

The Data, Doubt, and Decision

Subscribe to my Substack channel for more. Rt does not get talked about a lot. It is the measure of a virus’s ability to reproduce. If Rt is above 1, the virus will spread. If it is below 1, the vir …

Anti-Anxiety Prescriptions Are on the Rise in the Wake of COVID-19

It’s encouraging to see people seeking help for their mental health, and there’s something reassuring about people not sweeping their anxiety under the rug.

Bloomberg’s Billion Bucks

Mike Bloomberg ran the most expensive self-funded campaign in American history, and one of the shortest. Bloomberg ended his campaign March 4. He ran for 102 days and spent one billion dollars. He won …

The Old and the Dutiful explored a fascinating constitutional crisis scenario that could be more likely to occur this year than ever before. What would happen if a Presidential nominee were to die before …

The Most Eye Opening Detail

You should subscribe to my Substack channel. This really did blow my mind and it puts it all in perspective. In eight weeks, there have been 40,000 deaths from COVID-19 based on actual, confirmed test …

Trump’s Rational Response

Just hear me out. President Trump has made mistakes in his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Every President has made mistakes – large or small – in his handling of a crisis. Not many …

Pandemics Are Not New. They Are Just New To Us.

Since our forebears were more accustomed to dealing with epidemics and pandemics than we are, we must now relearn the old lessons.

The Isolation Backlash Is Coming

The success of social distancing can lead to the temptation to reopen the economy too early.

Mitt Romney – Alone Again

This week, President Donald Trump announced a bloated new task force with a clumsy name. The “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group” is charged with strategizing how best to reopen …

US Investigating Wuhan Lab Connection To COVID Pandemic

Government sources believe the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab, but the report is “not definitive and should not be characterized as such.”

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Supply Chains

You should really subscribe to my Substack channel. The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today: Hour 1 Georgia audit by county Sonny Perdue WGXA in Macon Experts and curation Mic …

Will Defunding WHO Backfire?

If the public sees the move as playing politics with lives and prolonging the pandemic, it could end Trump’s re-election hopes.

The Changes in NYC Deaths Explained

I hate to do a Vox style explainer on this, but I already see people on the right asserting some pretty wild claims about this New York Times story and I actually did pick up the phone, talk to people …

The New Normal After COVID-19

At least until there is a vaccine, the lingering effects of the virus will shape our world for years to come.

Is The CDC Really Inflating Coronavirus Death Statistics?

Claims on the internet allege that the government is “cooking the books” on COVID-19

Federal Medical Stockpile Is Running Out

It was a failure of both parties that, in a time of record-breaking federal spending, no one thought to refill the emergency medical stockpile.

White House Trade Advisor Warned Of Coronavirus Pandemic In Memos As Early As January

The Trump Administration seems to have not taken the numerous warnings about the impending health crisis seriously.

CEOs Weigh In On When America Should Return To Work

The Trump Administration and business leaders are working together to walk the tightrope between restarting too early, which could rekindle the pandemic, and waiting too late, which could cause irrepa …


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