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Fauci: US Could See 100,000 New COVID Cases Per Day

The United States may be about to experience the worst of both worlds with an economic recession paired with an out-of-control plague.

Trump Needs Another Miracle

In January, four more years of economic strength, American isolationism, accountability from trade partners and NATO members, social media childishness, lower taxes and regulations – the mixed bag tha …

Virus Trending You Can Trust, I Think

Dr. Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases clinic at Italy’s San Martino Hospital told The Telegraph, “The clinical impression I have is that the virus is changing in severity.”

Popular Mechanics’ Guide to Vandalism

It’s not just Confederate monuments being defaced. Rioters have damaged or destroyed statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. These men were not without sin. If that were th …

Pence Weighs in on a “Second Wave” of Coronavirus

On Monday, I wrote about a doctor who spoke on CNBC about fears of a “second wave” of coronavirus. He expressed his concerns that some states have seen a slight rise in cases. Whether it&# …

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – The President So Orders

Hour 1 Georgia audit by county Executive Order on police reform The speech The order The reaction The virtue signaling of letters David Perdue Calling In DeBlasio and the Jews of New York Aunt Jemima …

All By Myself

God created us for Him and for each other. Serve Him by serving others.

Is America Jumping Into Post-Coronavirus Life Too Quickly?

Are we seeing a second wave, or are we just not out of the woods from the first outbreak?

The Public Health Hypocrites

By encouraging people to engage in protests where social distancing is not practiced, some doctors are contributing to the higher rate of COVID-19 among the Black population that they profess to abhor …

Cuomo Apologizes, to Some

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D – NY) apologized Tuesday night to the New York City Police Department (NYPD) after calling their efforts to reduce Monday night’s looting and rioting “disgra …

Brit Hume Rips Biden’s Mask

Joe Biden emerged from isolation with a black face mask.

Praising God (In Person) In The Pandemic

My church resumed in-person services today for the first time since March. Here’s what it was like.

Reopened Georgia Church Sparks New Outbreak

After reopening in April, the church will now close “for the foreseeable future.”

Virus Death Toll Trending Downward As More States Reopen

A surprising trend is emerging as Americans clamor to reclaim some version of normalcy in their daily lives: fewer people are dying from the coronavirus. Researchers who feed data into one of the most …

The Right Position on Masks

I support wearing a mask in public as appropriate. Despite earlier warnings from the CDC and WHO, the data overwhelmingly shows that those countries that have insisted on citizens wearing masks in pub …

What I’ve Learned From The Pandemic (So Far)

No one predicted the crisis and no one knows how (or when) it will end, but unexpected situations can often bring unexpected lessons.

The Most Accurate Coronavirus Model?

The model of models forecasts 110,000 deaths by June 6.

CNN Plays With Coronavirus Poll Numbers to Suggest a Different Result

We hear a lot about media bias and how mainstream media outlets bend facts to fit a particular narrative. Let’s face it: claims of media bias are often over-exaggerated, but when it’s obvi …

My First Post-COVID Dining Experience

Georgia isn’t back to normal yet, despite being open for business.

Republican Governors Gamble On Reopening Early

In the midst of the emergency, it is difficult to see what the correct moves are because we don’t have all the information.


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