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Tennessee Gov Bill Lee Has A Powerful Story That No One Knows About

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has been on the job less than a year but is already making waves. Lee was a longshot candidate facing more popular, established candidates in the Republican primary. Listen …

The Power of Your Knees

In seminary, I had a professor who came into class one day, looked me in the eyes as he did with other students, and asked a simple, cutting question — how is your prayer life? He had found, as he t …

Bill Lee Finds Purpose in Serving the Public

Governor Bill Lee brings his experience in business and non-profit ministry to Tennessee.

LIVE: The Resurgent Gathing Day 2

A two-day gathering of conservative thinkers and leaders from around the nation. Erick Erickson will interview some of the nation’s top thought leaders and politicians like Sen. David Perdue, Re …

The Minds Behind the Freedom Caucus

House Freedom Caucus members Mark Meadows and Jody Hice shared their thoughts at the Resurgent Gathering

Just Say ‘No’ To The ‘Book Of Trump’

If such adoration was aimed at Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, conservatives and Republicans would rightly ridicule it and those who practice it.

The Biggest Threat to American Christianity comes from Within

Policing what is and isn’t Christian is not a new undertaking. While present battles lack the murderous inclinations of prior epochs, debating something as significant as what opens the door to eter …

Who Is The Jesus You Believe In?

I am the king of England. Denials that I am the king of England are judgment calls and the Bible says not to judge. If you do not accept me as king of England, you are invalidating my existence. I am …

Democrats Have Begun to See That Faith Is Important to Plenty of Americans

For a long time, religious faith has been the domain of the right. Traditionally, Christians have leaned conservative, and even faithful Democratic voters who are religious have tended to hold more so …

More on the Nashville Statement and the PCA

Here is another great read from Richard Phillips on the PCA’s approval of the Nashville Statement. There have not been many times over the last twenty years in the PCA General Assembly when I ha …

In defense of righteous judgment

Nothing gets my ire up like someone misrepresenting God’s Word. Unfortunately, it’s the community of professing Christian believers who are most often guilty in this area, and one common failure i …

Good News! The PCA Has Affirmed the Nashville Statement

The Presbyterian Church in America, one of the non-heretical branches of presbyterianism in America, has affirmed the Nashville Statement, which is, to a degree, a modern creed on biblical sexual ethi …

David French-Endorsed Incremental Pro-Life Laws Are Written Out of Fear, Not Faith

David French’s recent Time column, “Evangelicals Are Supporting Trump Out of Fear, Not Faith,” is an important one. Among the most crucial messages for Christians to receive are Fren …

We Need Room for Grace, Growth and Forgiveness in the Digital Age

Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting and a pro-gun, school safety advocate, recently had his offer to attend Harvard University in the fall rescinded, in response to hateful, racist …

The Surprising Place Where the Proposed Chinese Tariffs Could Hurt

There have been plenty of things written about the proposed tariffs on Chinese goods. We’ve seen opinions fired from both sides on the damage that this trade war could do (or not do, if you&#821 …

Tossing gods while being tossed around by God

Last night, I got the honor of preaching in the church I grew up in. First Baptist Church of Jackson, LA is the church in which I was baptized and where I’d spend my summers with my grandmother …

What D-Day Should Remind Us About Service, War, And Caring For Our Troops

The sacrifices Americans made during WWII and the clear mission our nation gave the military got me thinking: what about today?

A Pastor’s Perfect Prayer For President Trump

The unifying, nonpolitical prayer could be prayed in good conscience by any American Christian, regardless of political affiliation.

Jordan Peterson Doesn’t Claim to Believe in God Because He Doesn’t Understand God

Jordan Peterson is probably best described as a Christianity sympathizer without any real conviction on the matter.

Weaponizing Prayer: Franklin Graham Calls for Political Rallies From the Pulpit

Psalm 122:1 (AMP) – I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Tomorrow morning, I will rise and thank my Father God for my redeemed life. I will thank Him f …


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