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American Innovation and Technology are Improving Lives All Over the Country

The technology sector always seems to be in the news these days. We often see headlines that focus on what policymakers in Washington are doing or what tech leaders on the West Coast are working on. B …

WATCHING THE MOVIES: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino, to put it mildly, is a unique talent. His nine films share the same characteristic love of banter, the slow rachet of tension, and the sheen of Tinseltown past. He loves old cellulo …

WATCHING COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Big Ten 2019 Season Preview

In summary? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We Must Stand Up to China – But Tariffs Aren’t the Way to Do That

Recently, President Trump kicked off his re-election campaign right here in my home state of Florida, just up the road a ways in Orlando. He started here because he knows how important Florida is to w …

No One Should Applaud Prison Violence

With recent reports that Jeffrey Epstein was either been attacked or attempted suicide in prison, a familiar chorus has broken out. Good! The bastard got what was coming to him! This can be …

WATCHING THE MOVIES: The Lion King (2019)

I prefer the other one.


It’s Clemson’s conference to lose. Again.

The New York Times’ Disgusting Virtue Signaling on the Space Race

This weekend’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 lunar landing is a reminder of one of those rare, thrilling moments where the world was held in thrall by something exciting and insp …

Trump’s Comments are Racist. Republicans Should Say So.

Just as the July 2019 Democratic intraparty civil war was getting into high gear, President Trump decided to weigh in with controversy of his own, saying that certain “‘Progressive’ …

5 Excellent Cigars Under $6

They aren’t a rich man’s game anymore.

NEW: Acosta Is OUT As Labor Secretary

Alexander Acosta announced his resignation on Friday as Labor secretary under President Trump. This comes as further scrutiny mounted on his handling of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-crimes case. Trump …

The Self-Destructive Philosophy of Nihilism

A special guest column by my daughter Lexie!

Anatomy Of A Disaster: Amy McGrath Edition

The Amy McGrath campaign is an absolute disaster. The former Marine fighter pilot turned failed house candidate made the unfortunate mistake of announcing a run against the one and only senior Senator …

The Biggest Threat to American Christianity comes from Within

Policing what is and isn’t Christian is not a new undertaking. While present battles lack the murderous inclinations of prior epochs, debating something as significant as what opens the door to eter …

Why Texas Will Remain Red

Since the meteoric rise of former El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke last year in his U.S. Senate bid against Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, political analysts from both sides of the political aisle have …

Who Is The Jesus You Believe In?

I am the king of England. Denials that I am the king of England are judgment calls and the Bible says not to judge. If you do not accept me as king of England, you are invalidating my existence. I am …

This may be the funniest thing you’ll read all year

The Inclusion & Etiquette guide from Nutroots Nation. Behold, a sample: Assume BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)/Sunkissed people are not available to teach you about their cultures, …

Women’s Soccer Sucks. Yay USA.

Want some grade school sporting with a side of virtue signaling? Watch women’s soccer. Good for Team USA. They won the Women’s World Cup. They did so bitching and moaning the whole way there and af …

WATCHING THE MOVIES: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spidey’s back, this time balancing both a hectic summer vacation and Marvel fans’ high expectations.

A Comedy Classic Celebrates 30 Years

Nineteen eighty-nine was an eventful year in a lot of ways. When you think about some of the key moments that year – Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the rise of Solidarity in Poland a …


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