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Para Bellum

There’s an old saying that all roads lead to Rome.

Is Trapping Relevant or Passé in America Today?

As Americans become more removed from their surroundings, the disappearance of longstanding outdoor traditions—much like cultural traditions—is more noticeable. Endorsing fur, whether the practice …

Tennessee Gov Bill Lee Has A Powerful Story That No One Knows About

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has been on the job less than a year but is already making waves. Lee was a longshot candidate facing more popular, established candidates in the Republican primary. Listen …

Democrats are trying to break the border

Critical Mass

Can progressives learn to criticize themselves? Not likely.

Facebook Makes Changes To Win Conservative Trust

The long-awaited results of Facebook’s year-long audit have been released. Unsurprisingly, the report shows that conservatives don’t trust the social media platform for a variety of reasons. Per A …


It is a truth universally acknowledged that one should not bet against Alabama.

ICE, Abrams and Incendiary Rhetoric

You better watch what you say, unless you’re a liberal Democrat.

Woke Scolds Ban Benign Ads in the UK

Take a moment and watch this ad. Are you offended or did you giggle? You better be offended, because in the United Kingdom this ad has been banned. It contains a gender stereotype which is no longer a …

Don’t Call Me Fredo

Tough guy Chris Cuomo goes to the mattresses with a heckler.

The Power of Your Knees

In seminary, I had a professor who came into class one day, looked me in the eyes as he did with other students, and asked a simple, cutting question — how is your prayer life? He had found, as he t …


How was the West won? Endless night games.

Disney to Offer Streaming Bundle

So, what’s better than a streaming service that offers every Disney movie ever made? A streaming service with all the Disney/Pixar/Marvel movies AND Hulu AND ESPN. In it’s quest to complet …

Here are Trump’s Remarks On The Shootings Over The Weekend

President Trump called out white supremacy and other forms of hatred in today’s speech. Trump: “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.”


At one point The Rock lassos a helicopter. This movie is insane.

LIVE: The Resurgent Gathing Day 2

A two-day gathering of conservative thinkers and leaders from around the nation. Erick Erickson will interview some of the nation’s top thought leaders and politicians like Sen. David Perdue, Re …

Weaponizing Transparency: Guy Benson and Casey Mattox at the Resurgent Gathering

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to admit that the tribalism in our country has gotten out of hand. Our modern outrage culture has led to invasions of privacy. Why have things gotten so bad? H …

WATCHING COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Big 12 2019 Season Preview

No, I’m not making another “Texas is back” joke.

What We’re Up Against In 2020

I never thought we would be debating capitalism versus socialism in my lifetime. However, after watching the Democratic presidential debates this week, it has become clear that we are in an ideologica …

Rand Paul Unloads On Unlimited Debt Ceiling Increase

Rand Paul did not hold back on raising the debt ceiling. Some say that it is irresponsible not to raise the debt ceiling. Well, true fiscal conservatives say it’s irresponsible to raise the debt cei …

Warren Claims ‘Medicare for All’ Will NOT Raise Taxes on Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren forcefully claimes that she can implement Medicare For All without raising taxes on the middle class.


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