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Conscientious Objectors of the Media Mind Trap

We, the viewing public, can only hope that the courage shown by these two young women will be the start of a movement among journalists. That others may follow their lead of saying “enough” to the sys …

Rutgers to Teach its Own Brand of English

The beauty of writing is that it nullifies accents and neutralizes the verbal shortcuts that most of us take when talking. Fortunately, we write more eloquently than we speak. Will the highly improper …

Suburban Stampede

COVID-19 has changed life for most every American in some way. Some of these changes will be temporary, but it’s foolish to assume the virus will not permanently impact this nation in some significa …

Assessing America’s Mood

The Global Assessment of Functioning Scale has been around for many years. It is a tool used by mental health professionals to quantify how well persons who suffer from mental illness are functioning …

To Return To School Or Not To Return To School, That Is The Question

It’s July. Usually, this is the time of year that a parent’s fancy turns to thoughts of the kids going back to school. This year, with Coronavirus running rampant around the country, a great many …

Not Screaming on Roller Coasters is the Most 2020 Thing Imaginable

As Japan’s theme parks started reopening from COVID-19 closures in May, one thing was missing: roller coaster screams. You see, Japan’s theme park association has asked guests not to screa …

by Gene

Harvard Goes Online for 2020

According to a tweet from Darren Rovell, Harvard has announced that “all course instruction will be taught online for the 2020-21 academic year.” Another source from CNBC is saying that so …

Single Co-Parenting, the chic new Substitute for the Nuclear Family

Children deserve to have mom and dad together in the same home. Statistics consistently show that children reared in a home with both parents have a greater probability for academic, financial, and so …

The Republican Race Problem

Why should Republicans expect to get black votes when they can’t say “black lives matter?”

Mississippi Will Remove the Confederate Battle Emblem from the State Flag

For nearly two decades, Mississippi has been the last state to feature a symbol of the Confederacy on its state flag. That’s about to change, as the state legislature voted on Sunday to strip th …

Trump Needs Another Miracle

In January, four more years of economic strength, American isolationism, accountability from trade partners and NATO members, social media childishness, lower taxes and regulations – the mixed bag tha …

Splash Mountain

Disney Says It’s “Time to Be Moving Along” For Splash Mountain

Let’s face it: we’re living in an era of upheaval. From the toppling of statues to the prevalence of “cancel culture,” the left is trying its hardest to remove voices from the …

The Value of Relics

A private art collector in Valencia, Spain, paid a furniture restorer to clean the Immaculate Conception, a famous piece by baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The restoration didn’t go well, …

Hillsdale Takes a Stand By Not Taking a Stand

We can side with our black brothers and sisters in our community, and we don’t have to rely on virtue signaling and vapid platitudes.

Popular Mechanics’ Guide to Vandalism

It’s not just Confederate monuments being defaced. Rioters have damaged or destroyed statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. These men were not without sin. If that were th …

All By Myself

God created us for Him and for each other. Serve Him by serving others.

Supreme Court Strikes Down LGBTQ Discrimination

Even more surprising that the outcome of the ruling is that Neil Gorsuch authored the opinion.

Drowning in Chaos

Instead of maturely discussing police reform Americans are busy policing speech and issuing giant scarlet Cs to designate the Cancelled, those whose public statements don’t meet the rigorous standar …

The End of Wabbit Season

Somewhere, Beto O’Rourke is smiling. Gun confiscation has begun. “We’re not doing guns,” Looney Tunes executive producer Peter Browndgardt told the New York Times over the week …

Today’s Protests Aren’t Just for Big Cities

Smaller towns are getting in on the action of speaking out against injustice.


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