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Some Georgia Republicans Want to Tax Netflix and iTunes

This seems to some like a good idea.. Some Republicans from rural areas in Georgia want to tax internet streaming services like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and even Kindle and video game console downloads. …

BB&T’s Acquisition of SunTrust Creates The Biggest New Bank in a Decade

One of the big pieces of financial news this week came when BB&T announced that it would acquire SunTrust in an all-stock deal. The merger would create a completely new bank based in Charlotte. Th …

Everything You Need to Know About Shot Show

I hope the Washington Free Beacon does more of this. This is really well done and really helps explain the phenomenon that is Shot Show.

Google Is Not a Monopoly

There is a lot of talk about regulating Google as a monopoly. The talk is heating up on the right and it mostly has to do with the perception that Google is a hostile leftwing entity. I share many of …

Congressional Budget Office: Deficit Due To Spending, Not Tax Cuts.

Many are quick to blame tax cuts for the nation’s financial trouble, but we know that this is not the case. During the government shutdown, with the exception of hearing how it affected some federal …

The New York Times Thinks Americans Don’t Work Night Shifts

This is a pretty extraordinary statement in a report about Apple: Another frustration with manufacturing in Texas: American workers won’t work around the clock. Chinese factories have shifts working …

BREAKING: White House Announces Sanctions Against Maduro’s State-Owned Oil Company

The White House has announced sweeping sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s oil company. Here’s what we know from Fox: “Today’s designation of PDVSA will hel …

Learn to Code

Prior to during 2016, millennial reporters at various online outlets suggested that blue collar coal miners “learn to code” as the Obama Administration hatched plans to close coal mines. M …

Don’t Cheer About Reporters Losing Their Jobs

About 1000 reporters across the United States lost their jobs yesterday. Several of them have written not just critically of me, but have written willfully malicious things about me and friends of min …

Coming on the Heels of Their Failed Michael Cohen Story, BuzzFeed to Cut 15% of Its Workforce

The Wall Street Journal has the story: BuzzFeed is planning to lay off about 15% of its workforce, according to people familiar with the situation, as the company seeks to reorient itself in a shiftin …

Doing Nothing Remains the Best Solution Against Climate Change

The world’s scientists keep telling us that in ten years things will be irreversible when it comes to fighting climate change. The problem is they’ve been telling us we had about ten years …

Philly’s Soda Tax Fizzling

Philadelphia is finally reaping what it sowed in 2017 when it introduced a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on all sweetened (naturally or artificially) sodas in order to fund a universal pre-K program, while o …

Social Media is People

In the 1973 dystopian film “Soylent Green,” Detective Frank Thorn, played by Charlton Heston, investigates the Soylent Corporation. The corporation produced Soylent Green, a wafer that was suppose …

Federal Reserve Sounds Alarms On The Economy

An asset bubble, business debt, Brexit, and trade tensions were cited as risks to economic growth.

Interesting Business Model You Have There Jack

High profile suspensions continue leaving many to wonder what Twitter’s future looks like.

CNN Takes A Bite At The Apple

New Day hosts a Custom and Border Control Agent that is clear about what went on at the border.

Hey, Apple! What Do You Mean I Don’t “Own” My Movies?

If you purchased a movie from iTunes thinking you actually own it, turns out you’re wrong.

Tech Companies Want to Modernize Health Care

Major technology firms want to move health care technologies to open standards

Bank of America Changes Mind About Plan to Refuse Business to Gun Companies

The bank has apparently decided that social justice activism is bad for the bottom line

More Consumers Will Take A Bite of Apple with Cheaper, Bigger Phones

After lackluster sales for the iPhone X, the company announced plans to release three cheaper, bigger phone models.


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