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China’s Trump Card in the Trade War

After years of talks, threats, and tweets, we are finally here. As of last Friday, we’re officially in a trade war with the People’s Republic of China. President Trump announced that talks …


This is the best GOP ad you’ll ever see…and it’s homemade.


The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom overturned 2 previous rulings forcing Christian Bakers to bake a gay-themed cake

WATCH: Video of Kavanaugh “Protestors” Being Professionally Coached

Don’t care who you are, this is just creepy.

Leftists: Why Do You Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

Go ahead, we are all listening. . .

Kavanaugh’s Accuser Refuses to Testify: It’s Time to Confirm

Because Dr. Christine Ford now refuses testify, the Senate must vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh immediately.

Why I Trust Casey Cagle

I trust Casey because I know him.

American Christian: “Greatness” is a Slave Driver. Just be Good.

Don’t let the desire to be “great” enslave your ability to be good.

American Christian: Don’t Let the “Great” Get in the Way of the Good

The Left Somehow Makes the Royal Wedding About Trump

It’s official: the Don completely owns the Left and there appears to be nothing they can do about it

Bank of America Changes Mind About Plan to Refuse Business to Gun Companies

The bank has apparently decided that social justice activism is bad for the bottom line

South Carolina Democrats Fighting Desperately to Keep Dismembering Live Babies

Democrats are battling against a bill in the South Carolina Senate which would criminalize “dismemberment abortions”

BREAKING: Netanyahu to Announce ‘Dramatic News About Iran’

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has stated that Netanyahu will make the specially-televised announcement tonight

We Don’t (Or At Least Shouldn’t) Care

The reaction by both sides to the Kanye-Trump lovefest tells us a lot about the sad state of American politics.

We Don’t (Or Shouldn’t) Care

The reaction by both sides to Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump tells us a lot about the state of American politics.

Bad News for Dems: Joe Biden is (Still) Considering a Presidential Run in 2020

It looks like the Democrats may resurrect an even older, even mustier candidate for 2020.

In Other News: Joe Biden is (Still) Thinking About Running for President

It looks like the Democrats may try to breathe life into an even older, even mustier presidential candidate for 2020.

SHAMEFUL: 22% of Millennials Don’t Know What the Holocaust Was

Why waste time denying the Holocaust happened, when people will just forget what a Holocaust is on their own?

Not April Fools: Woman Forced to Justify Her Right to Live Before UN

You can try to kill off everyone with Down Syndrome by using abortion, but you won’t be any closer to a perfect society.

Does Good Friday Matter?


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