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Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas is a father of four, and lives with his wife of nearly 30 years in northeast Georgia. He has worked as a mathematics instructor at the secondary and post-secondary levels for 16 years.
The product of an unplanned pregnancy, Tim was Divinely spared from abortion by a due date miscalculation. He specializes in topics related to Christian living, education, and the sanctity of life.

Careful what you ask for: New York Times takes fire over fake news hunt

Twitter users happy to oblige The Gray Lady

This Is What Growing Up Looks Like

Political junkies on both sides should take notice

Chelsea Clinton praises progressive god

There is a sinister truth behind Democrats’ sacred cow

Party of inclusion? MO Dems give pro-life colleagues the finger

Abortion biz sets the agenda for Dems

Serial appropriator Dolezal charged with fraud

Will she wear a traditional Chinese dress to court?

Planned Parenthood fined for failing to report campaign expenditures

Dancing around FEC regulations requires more precision than this

BREAKING: Former Georgia Gov. Zell Miller dead at 86

Sitting Democrat Senator spoke at RNC Convention, left in-state legacy with HOPE Scholarship

BREAKING: Bolton to replace McMaster as National Security Advisor

Former UN Ambassador to join Trump admin

Fundamental pastor fired for not condemning those who watch Super Bowl

Congregants shocked at no mention during morning service

Man bites dog – NO, REALLY

In a world where nothing makes sense – this story fits right in.

Why I’m Pro-Life

I have the right – but that’s not why.

Protecting the unborn is today’s civil rights movement

The one place black lives matter least is in the womb

Okay to be pro-life in Canada — so long as you don’t act on it

Are your views “in line” with the government’s?

Cruz off to quick start in 2018 after “tremendous victories” in ‘17

Challenges Sanders to keep his word on permanent tax cuts

Trump approves national park to honor MLK

How will John Lewis respond to Trump signing a bill he sponsored?

Rethinking church: The Modern Reformation and the individual

Focused individuals are critical to the success of the church organization.

Check your privilege? Texas Dem takes teacher’s seat, claims racism

Only Sheila Jackson Lee could win a fixed game of musical chairs, then imply the loser is racist.

“Miscarriage and abortion are sisters” reveals a truth about humanity

Observing the way people
respond to difficulty can be very telling.

Let the Modern Reformation begin

Today the emphasis is often placed on sustaining and expanding the church organization and its influence.

Remembering our faith and our fallen

Let us remember the One who sets us free from sin and the ones who keep us free from harm.


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