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Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas is a father of four, and lives with his wife of nearly 30 years in northeast Georgia. He has worked as a mathematics instructor at the secondary and post-secondary levels for 16 years.
The product of an unplanned pregnancy, Tim was Divinely spared from abortion by a due date miscalculation. He specializes in topics related to Christian living, education, and the sanctity of life.

Gov. Brian Kemp: Southern charm meets political prowess

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp opened the 2019 Resurgent Gathering on Friday, and appreciation for the Governor’s conservative principles was evident before he even took the stage. The moment Kemp casu …

Veteran police officer set to enter race for Omar seat in Minneapolis

Veteran police officer Chris Kelley is set to announce later today that he will enter the race for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional house district – the seat currently held by Rep. Ilhan Omar …

You can buy Nike Betsy Ross shoes

Capitalism at its finest: eBayer set to make thousands off Kaepernick nonsense. Talk about making America great again; an astute eBay merchant is set to make a huge profit on a single pair of shoes, t …

In defense of righteous judgment

Nothing gets my ire up like someone misrepresenting God’s Word. Unfortunately, it’s the community of professing Christian believers who are most often guilty in this area, and one common failure i …

The Believer’s Response to the Storms of Life

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the prosperity gospel is that its adherents eventually must face the harsh reality that regardless how faithful the believer, there is no a guarantee of an Easy Street …

Change you really can believe in: Pro-life clinic group awarded Title X grant

When the Department of Health and Human Services recently issued new guidelines related to the awarding of Title X funds, abortion advocates exploded. Women would be harmed, be denied access to basic …

Notre Dame profs: Pro-life movement rooted in racism

A group of Notre Dame educators recently sat down to discuss abortion rights at an event hosted by Irish 4 Reproductive Health. During that event, the four professors made up facts, rewrote history, a …

Rand Paul’s shutdown solution

Never one to shy away from a unique idea, Senator Rand Paul has for the second time introduced a permanent solution to the problem of government shutdowns. The Government Shutdown Prevention Act would …

Trump, Cruz unite in defense of life

Former campaign foes Donald Trump and Ted Cruz united today in defense of the unborn. In an op-ed published at, Cruz highlighted several measures protecting life that may be brought up in …

Jerry Falwell, Jr: Conservative Policy May Not Be Best For US

Is Liberty president’s morality determined by economics?

At the Intersection of Victimhood and Hypocrisy

Are you adequately intersectional? Now you can find out!

UPDATED: Border crossing closed; human wave overwhelms Mexican authorities

Mexico says it will deport those attempting illegal crossing earlier Sunday

A Word of Advice for Georgia Republicans

If you don’t get better, you’ll get beaten

DACA recipients voting in Texas?

Project Veritas records evidence that poll workers may be allowing non-citizens to vote

Did Texas Democratic Party engage in voter fraud?

Absentee ballots mailed with citizenship box already marked

Indiana asks SCOTUS to protect disabled babies

Anti-discrimination laws are the latest front in abortion battle

Is Social Justice More Important Than Our Children?

Progressive believes we should feel guilty for being good parents

Krispy Kreme Makes Irish Town Lose Its Mind

If you glaze them, they will come

Why was Kavanaugh fight so crucial?

Our SCOTUS has exceeded its bounds

No, Jesus Would Not Be On Your Team

Playing the faith card is as blasphemous as it gets


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