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BREAKING: Initial Jobless Claims Hit 3.2 Million, Doubling Expectations

The number of Americans who lost jobs and filed for unemployment was 3.2 million for the week of March 21st according to initial claims from the Department of Labor. This number is more than double pr …

Here’s That Uncomfortable Biden Montage

This is just uncomfortable.

AOC Repeats Debunked Claim that Trump Called Coronavirus a ‘Hoax’

NEW: Italy Overtakes China in Coronavirus Related Deaths

As the number of global cases continues to rise, more concerning news has broken. In less than 24 hours the number of Coronavirus related deaths in Italy rose from 427 to 3,405 while China has experie …

Coronavirus Relief: Mitt Romney Wants To Give Every American $1,000

Senator Mitt Romney has proposed giving each American adult $1,000 immediately to assist in fighting financial struggles brought on by COVID-19. “Every American adult should immediately receive …

NEW: Markets Tank In Historic Fashion

Three weeks ago, in a blog post similar to this, we begged you to not look at your 401K because the Dow had fallen 1,100 points to 25,908. Well… we were wrong. NOW is the time to NOT look at you …

JUST IN: Stocks Plummet 10%, Worst Day Since 1987

Dow Futures pointed to a sell-off that ended sharper than any of us could have predicted. The day started off with a 7% dip in the S&P, triggering a 15-minute halt in trading. By the end of the da …

BREAKING: March Madness is Cancelled

The NCAA has canceled March Madness over concerns surrounding the Coronavirus. This includes the Men’s and Women’s tournaments. Here is the official statement:

BREAKING: Major League Soccer Suspends Season

Major League Soccer joined the National Basketball Association and canceled the rest of the season due to the Coronavirus. Coronavirus also shut down a Spanish soccer league as speculation begins to r …

NEW: Markets Tank Triggering Halt in Trading, 11 Year Bull Market: Done.

After Dow Futures were down more than 1000 points early Thursday morning, trading opened and in less than 10 minutes the S&P dropped 7% triggering an automatic halt in trading. Jim Cramer on CNBC …

Merkel: 70% of German Population Will Be Infected By Coronavirus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expects around 70% of the German population to be infected by the Coronavirus and emphasizes the importance of “winning time”. When the virus is out there, …

Dow Futures Up +1,000 But Oil Battle Is Only Beginning

Dow Futures are up over 1000 points before markets open after a historic 7%+ drop on Monday. This is in part due to President Trump floating the idea of payroll tax cuts to offset the impact felt by t …

NEW: The Dow Opens Down 1,800, S&P Falls 7%, Trading Halted

UPDATE: S&P trading has resumed after dropping 7% and triggering an automatic halt in trading. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened in the red 1800 points on Monday morning. The reason? Oil. Ru …

Cocaine Mitch Just Went After Schumer Over Kavanaugh/Gorsuch Comments

NEW: Sen. Hawley To Introduce Motion Censuring Schumer Over Supreme Court Threats

Josh Hawley announced last night that he will be introducing a motion to censure Chuck Schumer over threatening comments made regarding the Supreme Court. The outrage began at a pro-abortion rally whe …

BREAKING: Bloomberg Drops Out

Michael Bloomberg has ended his bid for President and endorsed Joe Biden.

Trey Gowdy: Biden Looks Moderate Only Because He is Next To Bernie

Devastating Footage of Tennessee Tornado

Bloomberg Still Won’t Call China’s Xi A Dictator

CNN: We May Be Headed Towards A Brokered Convention


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