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Bernie Sanders Promises That Soviet Union, Venezuela Aren’t Examples of ‘Failed Socialism’

Gillibrand Attacks Fox News On Fox News… Chris Wallace Unleashes

2020 Dem Booed After Saying ‘Socialism Not The Answer’

Donald Trump’s Surprise Visit to David Platt’s Church

President Trump made a surprise visit to McLean Bible Church following the horrific shooting in Virginia Beach over the weekend. David Platt the senior pastor, prayed for President Trump and the victi …

Swalwell Says CNN Should Think About Leaving Georgia over Anti-Abortion Law

Jimmy Kimmel Pleads with Pelosi on Trump Team: ‘Can’t You Put Those People in Jail?!’

Barack Obama Is Back To Trashing The US Overseas

Interviewer to Elizabeth Warren: “You sound like the original Rachel Dolezal a little bit”

Kamal Harris was on track for the worst interview of the 2020 cycle. Lucky for her, Elizabeth Warren pretended to be an Indian for a few decades. Charlamagne Tha God (yes, really) on The Breakfast Clu …

Rand Paul Responds to Amash’s Impeachment Calls: Mueller Investigation Was ‘Partisan’ and ‘Un-Libertarian’

Warren Channels Her Inner Oprah Rattling Off Everything That She’ll Make Free

HUGE: Dems Admit Pro-Lifers “Have No Place In This Country”

Uh-oh. Democrats have finally admitted what we have always known. The party of “tolerance” is claiming that pro-lifers have no place in this country. The Trump War Room took the screenshot …

BREAKING: Federal Probe Seeks Records on Failed Florida Gov Candidate Andrew Gillum

Failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, is at the center of a federal grand jury subpoena. In addition to Gillum, many of his close associates including his wife and political affiliates …

McConnell Says ‘We’d Fill It’ If Supreme Court Vacancy Opened in 2020

Mueller: ‘I’m Resigning from the Department of Justice’ and Shutting Down Russia Probe

De Blasio Mocks Those Who Say Forcing Companies to Provide ‘Paid Personal Time’ Will Cost Jobs

Eric Swalwell’s Horrible Answer To “Why Should Another White Guy Be President?”

Remember When Biden Said No To Amnesty, Immigrants Need to Speak English

Ilhan Omar to Conservatives: Religious Fundamentalists Are Manipulating Laws to Impose Beliefs in Society

A Pro-Lifer Goes On CNN And It Was Amazing

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., waves to the delegates before addressing the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sanders: If We Can Pay Baseball Players Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, We Can Pay Teachers More


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