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Devastating Footage of Tennessee Tornado

Bloomberg Still Won’t Call China’s Xi A Dictator

CNN: We May Be Headed Towards A Brokered Convention

DON’T LOOK: Your 401(k) Just Got Hammered

Seriously, don’t pull-up Vanguard right now. Depending on your situation there’s a good chance you could work for the rest of the year and not make the amount of money your retirement lost …

Trump Announcing VP Mike Pence Will Be Put in Charge of Coronavirus Efforts

Nancy Pelosi Slams Donald Trump’s ‘Too Late, Anemic’ Response to Coronavirus Outbreak 🙄

Confirmation That Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Socialist

Scarborough: Grading on the Trump Scale, I Was Actually Pleased and Comforted At His Response

The Three Most Cringe-Worthy Moments Of Last Nights Debate

Part of the reason Erick Erickson pays me $894,583 a year is to watch Democratic debates so you don’t have to. It’s a brutal job but I don’t care about the money. I only do it for yo …

Jim Cramer: Is Bernie a Socialist or a Communist?

Mayor Pete: We Must ‘Graduate from Gas’

President Trump Delivers ‘Gentlemen, Start Your Engines’ At The Daytona 500

Mike Bloomberg’s Brutal Ad Attacking Bernie Sanders

Donna Brazile Is No Fan Of Michael Bloomberg

Biden Tears Into ‘Thug Rudy Giuliani’ on CBS: He’s The Only One Saying My Son ‘Did Anything Wrong’

Biden’s Brand New Ad Hits Buttigieg on Experience

Tom Steyer Says Crazy [email protected]&%. It’s That Simple.

In another edition of Tom Steyer Says Crazy [email protected]&% Tom AGAIN compares impeachment to fighting the Nazis. Not bad enough? How about claiming that Trump torchers children: However, my favorite Tom Ste …

NEW: Dianne Feinstein Suggests She May Vote To Acquit Trump

This is not the news Democrats were hoping for in the 11th hour. California Senator Dianne Feinstein suggests she may be open to acquitting Trump and letting the voters decide in November. From the LA …

WATCH: A Dad Who Worked Overtime To Pay Daughter’s Student Loans Roasts Warren To Her Face

This is one of my new favorite clips of the 2020 cycle. Here’s the story: A dad who worked overtime to pay off his daughter’s student loans approached Elizabeth Warren on her plan to cance …

Jonathan Swan: Impeachment Has Been Great for Business, for the Trump Campaign


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