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The Big Announcement From Erick Erickson at #RG2019

Tennessee Gov Bill Lee Joins Erick Erickson at #RG2019

Jody Hice and Mark Meadows Join Erick Erickson at #RG2019

Senator David Perdue Joins Erick Erickson at #RG2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: Following VP Appearance, Erickson Launches Second Radio Show

Following a successful Resurgent Gathering in Atlanta, GA, Editor of the Resurgent and 95.5 WSB evening drive time host Erick Erickson will be launching a second radio show into syndication focusing o …

WATCH: VP Mike Pence at The Resurgent Gathering

LIVE: The Resurgent Gathing Day 2

A two-day gathering of conservative thinkers and leaders from around the nation. Erick Erickson will interview some of the nation’s top thought leaders and politicians like Sen. David Perdue, Re …

Brian Kemp at The Resurgent Gathering

Tim Scott at The Resurgent Gathering

LIVE: The Resurgent Gathering Day 1

Biden Unloads On Harris: ‘You Can’t Beat Trump with Double Talk’ on Your Health Care Plans

Rand Paul Unloads On Unlimited Debt Ceiling Increase

Rand Paul did not hold back on raising the debt ceiling. Some say that it is irresponsible not to raise the debt ceiling. Well, true fiscal conservatives say it’s irresponsible to raise the debt cei …

Warren Claims ‘Medicare for All’ Will NOT Raise Taxes on Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren forcefully claimes that she can implement Medicare For All without raising taxes on the middle class.

Sanders vs Delaney. Should Private Insurance Be Outlawed?

Sanders: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Consider Cutting Aid to Israel

Mitch McConnell Goes Nuclear In Furious Floor Speech

Mitch McConnell did not hold back in defending himself from recent attacks.

OUTRAGE: Ted Cruz Berated at LAX Airport by Leftists Chanting ‘Free the Children’

Senator Ted Cruz was standing in line waiting on his bags at LAX when he was spotted by protestors. “Free the children” chants broke out while Cruz calmly laughed it off. One person asked …

Bernie Sanders 2015: Baltimore Looks Like Third World Country

WUT. Pelosi: GDP Will Rise When We Raise the Minimum Wage

Trey Gowdy: ‘The Person Who Learned the Most About Mueller Report Today Was Bob Mueller’


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