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Remember When Bernie Sanders Said Medicaid-for-All Would ‘Bankrupt the Nation’?

WATCH: Booker, Harris Before and After Smollett Story Exposed as Hoax

Really? Rep. Omar: ‘Always Surprised’ at Blowback to My Comments on Jews and Israel

Oops: Cory Booker Refuses to Answer How Much Medicare for All Would Cost

Pelosi: There Will Not Be Any Wall Money in the Legislation

Remember That Time Kamala Harris Compared ICE To The KKK?

BREAKING: White House Announces Sanctions Against Maduro’s State-Owned Oil Company

The White House has announced sweeping sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s oil company. Here’s what we know from Fox: “Today’s designation of PDVSA will hel …

WATCH: Chaos at the Roger Stone Press Appearance.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Goes After Democrats For Failing to Pay the Coast Guard

Sen. Rubio: If Provoked, U.S. Response in Venezuela Will Be ‘Swift,’ ‘Decisive’

Senator Marco Rubio did not mince words over his expectations of Venezuela.

Trump Letter to Pelosi Says SOTU is ON.

The line for the win: “I look forward to seeing you on the evening on January 29th in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It would be so very sad for our country if the State of the Union w …

Rep. Clyburn: Actual Wall = Immoral. Virtual Wall = Super Moral.

WATCH: Ted Cruz’s March for Life Message

Here’s What Trump Is Serving The Clemson Tigers. (Expense IS Spared.)

Cindy Hyde-Smith might have a problem in Mississippi: McDaniel voters

Will McDaniel supporters tank Hyde-Smith next week? They sure don’t seem to love her as of right now.

Red flag to a bull: Big Pharma baits Trump with price hikes

Trump has been bashing high drug prices and Big Pharma since the 2016 campaign. They don’t seem to care.

Big Pharma lobbying spending nears record levels as drug price fights continue

The Trump administration has its sights set on forcing down drug prices. So Big Pharma is dropping major coin lobbying.

GOP strategists: The Beto Male is losing his race by nationalizing it

Republican strategists: The more nationalized the Beto Male makes his race, the less competitive it gets

GOP strategists: The Beto Male will lose because he nationalized his race

Republican strategists watching TX-Sen say, the more nationalized the race gets, the less competitive it gets

The war over drug prices spills over into a war about… rent control?

Drug prices may be too damn high. But now Big Pharma and a proponent of drug discounts are locked in a battle over rent.


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