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Ted Cruz Has The Perfect Summary Of What Happened At The FBI. IG Agrees.

It’s hard to argue with this.

CNBC’s Cramer: These Are The Best Jobs Numbers Of Our Lives. We Are Winning Trade War.

Doug Collins Roasts Dems On Impeachment: Good Luck Selling That in 2020

NBC on Bloomberg’s Restrictions on Reporters: ‘He Needs To Read the First Amendment’

Pence: Look At What We’ve Done. 7 Million New Jobs Created

LIVE: Brian Kemp Announces Kelly Loeffler For Senate

WATCH: Johnny Isakson Gives His Final Senate Address

Iran Just Killed 200+ Protestors And Where Is The Media Coverage?

Iranian state-run media is reporting that protestors have been targeted and killed by the military over the past week. Amnesty International is estimating the number of casualties is 208. The widespre …

Bernie Promises a Tax Increase If You Make Over 29K To Fund ‘Affordable’ Healthcare

WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Hammers Democratic Impeachment Process

CNN And MSNBC Rip Biden Gaffe: “Unlike Any Other I’ve Seen In A Debate Performance”

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell had extremely harsh words for one of Biden’s gaffes in last night’s debate, calling it “colossal” and “unlike any other I’ve …

LISTEN: Senator David Perdue Joined The Erick Erickson Show

Senator David Perdue joined Erick Erickson to talk about the craziness of the Democratic debate.

NEW: Bloomberg Files Paperwork To Run For President

How bad was Joe Biden’s debate performance last night in Atlanta? So bad that he was roundly mocked on CNN AND MSNBC. Both networks did not hold back on the awfulness of his performance with MSN …

Why Can’t The DNC Raise Any Money?

DNC fundraising numbers are out and it’s bad. Really bad… For the month of October, the DNC raised $9 million with $8.7 million cash on hand. Republicans raised $25.3 million with $61.4 ca …

Rep Nunes Rips Democrats Over Impeachment: “No Closer To Impeachment Than Where They Were 3 Years Ago”

Jim Jordan For The Win: “Facts Are On The President’s Side, The Process Is Certainly Not”

WATCH: Absolute Chaos And $500K In Fines At End of Browns/Steelers Game

In 25 years of watching football, I have never witnessed what happened in last night’s Browns vs Steelers game. Late in the fourth quarter, Browns defensive back Myles Garrett broke through the …

AOC Says Trump Must Be Impeached Lest He Win?

Wow. Just listen to AOC’s take on the impeachment proceedings.

Kellyanne Conway Just Unloaded On CNN For Bringing Up Her Marriage And It Was Glorious

Kellyanne’s husband is a noted critic of President Trump. Wolf Blitzer thought it was fair game to go after her for her husband’s critiques. She wasn’t having it. Good for Kellyanne.

BRUTAL: Jim Jordan Hammers “Star Witness” During Impeachment Probe


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