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WATCH: A Dad Who Worked Overtime To Pay Daughter’s Student Loans Roasts Warren To Her Face

This is one of my new favorite clips of the 2020 cycle. Here’s the story: A dad who worked overtime to pay off his daughter’s student loans approached Elizabeth Warren on her plan to cance …

Jonathan Swan: Impeachment Has Been Great for Business, for the Trump Campaign

ABC: Country Has Moved On From Impeachment. Dems Have Not.

Ted Cruz: Trump Has Responsibility To Investigate Hunter Biden’s Prima Facia Evidence of Corruption

OUCH: Chris Wallace Grills Dem Rep Over Celebratory Impeachment Ceremony

Even CNN Thought Impeachment Pens Were A Bad Idea

After months of Democrats lecturing the American people about how somber and sad it is to impeach a sitting President, Impeachment Day was anything but that. Nancy Pelosi appeared almost giddy during …

Pelosi: Trump Was Impeached and It Will Last Forever

Van Jones On Debate: I Came Away Feeling Worried For The Democratic Party

Al Sharpton On Debate: I Didn’t See Anybody That Can Take On Donald Trump

More Bad News For Democrats In Georgia

Democrats have had a rough few years in the state of Georgia. Actually, make that a rough 15 years to be exact. The last time a statewide Democrat was elected was Zell Miller who left the U.S. Senate …

Joy Behar To Warren: Americans Afraid You’re Going To Tax The Bejesus Out Of Them

LIVE: President Trump Addresses The Nation Over The Iranian Missile Strikes

Rep. Mark Green: Withdrawal from Middle East would ‘Empower and Embolden’ Iran

Pompeo: U.S. Will Hold Iran Accountable for Embassy Attack

Molly Ball: Trump Fundraising ‘Is a Real Warning Sign for Democrats’

Biden Claims People Are Crossing From Venezuela To Bolivia. Except Bolivia Is 100’s Of Miles Away

Here Are The Highlights From Impeachment Day

Impeachment day is here and I bet you had better things to do than sit and watch countless hours of CNN. To make your life easier, here are some of the highlights (and lowlights). Doug Collins has bee …

OUCH: Even CNN Points Out Schumer’s Hypocrisy

AOC Explicitly Endorses Socialism. No, Really.

I know, I know… AOC has said crazy stuff before and even made plenty of socialist statements in the past but this is different. In the past, her statement’s tended to be about single issue …

Doug Collins: American People Will Remember What Dems Did This Christmas Next November


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