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Harris: We Should Have a Conversation About Boston Marathon Bomber Voting

De Blasio on NYC’s Green New Deal: Ban the Glass and Steel Skyscrapers

Mitch McConnell’s Powerful Campaign Ad

NEW: Mayor Pete Takes First Shot at Bernie Sanders

The First 2020 Candidate To Call For Impeachment Proceedings Is…

Barr: Russians Did Not Have the Cooperation of Trump or Trump Campaign

Trump: I’m Having a Good Day, No Collusion, No Obstruction

AOC: I Support ‘Abolishing’ ICE, It Can’t Be Reformed

Buttigieg: GOP Uses The Electoral College to ‘Keep Their Agenda in Play’

Sanders Scoffs at Suggestion He Pay Tax Rates He’s Calling For: ‘I Pay What I Owe’

Shots Fired: Pelosi Says A Glass of Water with a ‘D’ Would Win in AOC’s District

Maxine Waters Has No Idea Student Loans Were Nationalised

BREAKING: Mueller Report to be Released Thursday Morning

Fox News is just reporting that the Mueller report will be released Thursday morning. From Fox News: Attorney General Bill Barr testified last Wednesday that he planned to have the report available to …

DCCC Chairwoman: Texas Is ‘Ground Zero’ for Democrats In 2020 Cycle

Pelosi: Left Flank of Democratic Party Is Like Five People

Booker Claims Releasing Illegal Aliens in Sanctuary Cities Would ‘Make Us Less Safe’

Tlaib: Criticizing Rep. Omar’s 9/11 Comments ‘Absolutely Putting Her Life in Danger’

Mike Pence Speech to U.N. – Mr. Venezuelan Ambassador, You Shouldn’t Be Here

PENCE RESPONDS: I’ve Worked Closely With Buttigieg and ‘He Knows Better’

US Attorney: Avenatti Stole Millions from Clients


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