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The Erick Erickson Show: Dancing With The Press 8/22/19

Ted Cruz Roasts ‘Leftie Academic’ Over Socialism Monopoly

Twitter unknown Nick Kapur was not happy about Hasbro’s parody adult board game, Monopoly Socialism that you can buy at Target here. Nick went so far as to do an extensive tweetstorm that I stil …

Tennessee Gov Bill Lee Has A Powerful Story That No One Knows About

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has been on the job less than a year but is already making waves. Lee was a longshot candidate facing more popular, established candidates in the Republican primary. Listen …

Trump Signs Order Canceling Student Loan Debt for 25,000 ‘Severely Disabled’ Veterans

OUTRAGE: A Contributor for The Young Turks Says America ‘Deserved 9/11’

Senator Perdue’s Early Conversation With President Trump on the US Economy

In a conversation with Erick Erickson at The Resurgent Gathering, Senator David Perdue chronicled a conversation he had with President Trump, only two weeks after Trump took office. The focus was simp …

Ilhan Omar: Netanyahu Should Stop the Expansion of Settlements if Israel Wants U.S. Aid

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Native Americans: ‘I Am Sorry for the Harm I Have Caused’

FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris Loves Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All Act

Rashida Tlaib Compares Israel’s Denial of Travel to Apartheid South Africa

NEW: FBI Says a Shooting at an ICE Office in San Antonio Was a ‘Targeted Attack’

Steve King Asks ‘Would There Be Any Population of the World Left’ if Not for Rape and Incest

Gore Claims His 2006 Prediction that Climate ‘Point of No Return’ Would Hit in 2016 Was ‘Accurate’

Kamala Harris Still Can’t Explain Her Position On Healthcare to Chuck Todd

Scalise: Pelosi’s Background Check Law Wouldn’t Have Stopped El Paso and Dayton Shooters

Sen. Tom Cotton Joined Erick Erickson at #RG2019

Rep. Doug Collins Joined Erick Erickson at #RG2019

David Drucker of the Washington Examiner Joined Erick Erickson at #RG2019

Grover Norquist Joined Erick Erickson at #RG2019

Here are Trump’s Remarks On The Shootings Over The Weekend

President Trump called out white supremacy and other forms of hatred in today’s speech. Trump: “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.”


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