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Susan Wright

Susan Wright

North Carolina native. Liberty University alumna. Christian, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, insufficiently partisan. You can also catch my work over at my Patheos-Red column, Susan Wright on the Right.

Trump Hits California With Threat of Suspending Disaster Aid for Forest Fires

In a tweet, the president called for California to improve foresting techniques, or forfeit FEMA disaster funds.

Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club Pegged for Hiring Illegal Workers

A New Jersey attorney says he represents 5 undocumented workers who were employed by Trump’s club. And there are more.

Albuquerque, NM Mayor Tim Keller Knows How to Dress for a Bill Signing

The mayor chose a heavy metal sweater as his bill signing attire.

Republican Lawmaker Says Trump Should Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

NC Representative Walter Jones suggests President Trump be a bit more proactive in funding the border wall.

How the War on Christmas Was Won

Look for this tale of holiday heroics to go down through the ages.

Mick Mulvaney’s Trump Criticisms Keep Turning up

The latest is a 2015 interview, regarding Donald Trump’s “almost childish” views of border security.

Mick Mulvaney’s Stock With Trump Is Already Dropping

Before even taking over as chief of staff, reports are that Trump is upset with Mick Mulvaney over a 2 year old comment.

McSally to Fill John McCain Senate Seat

After losing to Kyrsten Stinema in the November midterm election, McSally gets another shot.

Trump’s Desperate Search for a Willing Chief of Staff Compared to the Prom

A host of candidates said “no” to the job, before Trump drafted OMB Director Mick Mulvaney.

Mueller to Team Flynn: Nobody Made Michael Flynn Lie to the FBI

Special Counsel delivered a rebuke to Michael Flynn’s legal team, who suggested their client was a victim.

Michael Cohen Gets Three Years

The former personal attorney for Donald Trump was sentenced on Wednesday for multiple crimes.

Senator Bob Dole’s Last Act to Honor His Fallen Friend

A simple gesture held so much meaning.

Are Trump’s Tweets the Same as Witness Tampering?

There is now discussion surrounding President Trump’s intent, regarding his Twitter feed.

Former Trump Tax Attorney Raided on Trump’s Horrible, No Good Day

Chicago Alderman Ed Burke worked as tax attorney for Trump properties in Chicago up until this past summer.

Deutsche Bank Hit in Early Morning Raid

The bank’s head office in Frankfurt was raided by authorities, as part of a money laundering investigation.

Special Counsel Mueller Investigating Paul Manafort’s Ecuador Meetings

Trump’s former campaign chairman has apparently visited WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, as well as the president of Ecuador.

It’s Perpetual Outrage, Charlie Brown!

Ridiculous online outrage erupts over a children’s classic on Thanksgiving.

Tijuana Protests Greet Migrant Caravan

Hundreds in the border town of Tijuana, Mexico gathered to tell the migrants gathering there to go home.

Trump Promises to Rally Republican Support for Nancy Pelosi

With Democrats set to take over the House in January, will Nancy Pelosi be a shoo-in for the House Speaker role?

CNN, Jim Acosta Get a Win in Court

A federal judge ruled on Friday that the White House must reinstate Jim Acosta’s press pass.


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