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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Trump Week: Issues Over Feelings, Fear, and Facts

President Trump offered his perfect answer to the Democrats’ virtual convention filled with literally phoned-in speeches: Trump, Trump, Trump and more Trump. Trump will speak every night of the …

Biden: Are We Ready?

There will never be a Biden brand. He’s a minor stage player, but a decent man and probably a useful placeholder. Are we ready? No, but Biden isn’t either. He should have run as a Republican. But we a …

Trump Will Never Quench QAnon’s Passion For Him

President Trump was asked about QAnon during his Wednesday press conference, and feigned ignorance. A reporter asked him if he had anything to say to QAnon followers, and Trump answered. “I don& …

Taylor Swift Knows Everything, So Of Course Trump Is “Cheating” Because Pelosi Says So

Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t know a Taylor Swift song if the lyrics were printed on the lid of a pint of Häagen-Dazs Double Belgian Chocolate Chip. But Swift knows that people listen to her opinions, even w …

Michelle Obama Accidentally Tells Why Biden Can’t Be President

Democrats have a huge problem.

Postal “Truther” is a Cynical Democrat Plot to Ignite a Fake Conspiracy

Many of the plans that Democrats are now calling a conspiracy to slow the mail by Louis DeJoy were first formulated and conceived under Megan Brennan, who didn’t have to operate under a crippling pand …

Pennsylvania, USPS Truthers: We Won’t Know Who Won For Weeks After Election Day

Prepare for a long, bitter, confused election if we can’t even start counting until a week after Election Day. This is really bad juju.

Everything Just Got a Little More Trumpy

It’s still Trump’s election to lose, and even more so now that everything’s more Trumpy.

Steven Schrage Fled The Swamp to Land in Russiagate, and Hand Trump Four More Years

If his story is true (and I believe him, why would he lie right now?) then American politics has reached a nadir not seen since Watergate. We need to do better.

Irresponsible Parents Send Their Kids to School to be Media Outrage Heroes

If Watters wanted to “keep everyone safe,” why didn’t she just stay home?

Basement Joe Biden Needs to Pick a Silent White Man as VP to His Potted Plant Presidency

Does America want President Karen Bass? Or President Kamala Harris, or President Susan Rice? Because every time an American sees Biden’s smiling mug on television, this thought is going to run along w …

Next Week, Lit QAnon Set to Burn the GOP: GA 14 Marjorie Greene

You better condemn George Soros if you want to hold high federal office in rural northwest Georgia. So tweets congressional candidate Marjorie Greene, who pulled down 40% of the vote in June’s p …

Gerrymandering: Why the 2020 Election Matters Way More Than 2016 Did

Trump’s, and the GOP’s, loss in 2020 (if it happens) will undo much more than just presidential executive actions. It could undo 40 years of progress by Republicans at every level.

In The Middle-Ground of Coronavirus, I Thank God for Clarity

Both sides are exploiting America. Both sides torture Lady Liberty to the point of her wishing death rather than endure the excruciating mockery. Neither side truly cares about the ends of their self- …

Obama’s Dog Poop Brownies

Obama stood at the pulpit to eulogize John Lewis, and gave a campaign speech encouraging voters to cast a ballot for a potted plant, or rather, against Donald Trump.

Zuckerberg Stands Against The Man

The left likes to consider itself a group of upstarts standing up to the “establishment,” but in reality they are the establishment. Over 750 advertisers have joined a boycott on Facebook. A full-page …

What About Responsibility?

Being irresponsible to own the libs is just being irresponsible.

Don’t Be Gaslighted

If you’re thinking this is simply going to go away because you wear a mask, you’re being gaslighted. If you’re thinking it’s all a big hoax, you’re also being gaslighted.

Media Purges Peak With Hearst Chief Ouster

In progressive media culture, success means you can’t afford to be gracious, or sensitive, or politically correct, except, of course, in public appearances. But now, being insufficiently woke is enoug …

Let’s Talk About Fear and Cheating and Billions Stolen

There’s a troubling trend I’m seeing in Georgia, and also in California, but in California it’s much worse due to the proliferation of unions. Fear of working in a coronavirus world …


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