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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

White House Protest is a Sacred Right. Mr. President, Tear Down That Fence.

Trump should not be retreating into a military fortress during this national convulsion. He should be opening up and hearing what the protestors are saying. There’s so much he could do to make this tu …

The Fascist New York Times

Nothing has changed since January 20, 2017. If it touches Trump, it’s “fascist” to the actual fascists at The New York Times. A fine bit of gaslighting, I’d say.

Never Mind

When the political cause for the progressive leftists who write columns, bloviate on cable news, and run academic institutions didn’t favor their preferred outcomes, then it was COVID-19 that was goin …

We Need a Separate Police Justice System, a Court Martial for Cops

We need a new system of justice for police. We need court martials for cops. I hope someone in Congress sits down and writes a bill to do exactly this before the next Rodney King or Philando Castile o …

America the Hijacked: We Are on Our Own

Trump’s speech and actions have made it clear that if it is to be stopped at all, we must take that action ourselves. Police officers are people before they wear the badge. They should march with the …

Trump to Designate ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization

President Trump tweeted Sunday that the U.S. will designate ANTIFA a terrorist organization. As the National Guard is called out in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and other major cities, and emergencies are …

The 120 Who Remained Received the Spirit

To say that the last 40 days have been hell on earth is not too much of an exaggeration. Our nation is caving in to godlessness. The power of Christ is far greater than those who oppose it, and above …

Ted Cruz Wants to Virtue Signal Against Twitter’s Virtue Signaling

Forcing Twitter, by government coercion, to censor Iran, but to leave Trump alone, is a recipe for illiberal authoritarian rule of a free speech–albeit run by political biased operators–platform. It …

When Police Expect Mob Justice From the Black Community, Mob Justice We Will Have

If in this country, the police expect mob justice from the black community, then mob justice we will have. We must say no to mob justice, by all means. We should bring in the National Guard or any oth …

Bonfire of the Banalities

Trump himself sets a pile of gasoline-soaked wood under his banalities, and strikes the match to light it. There’s no way to defend them without climbing onto the bonfire.

Reminder: Stock Rises Don’t Equal Economic Recovery, Which Could Take Years

The president is right about the “ups and downs,” and also right that nothing good will happen this year. As far as 2021 goes, I am not so sure it will be “one of the best ever,” but it won’t take muc …

To Own the Libs, Trumpists are Trying to Cancel a Twitter Engineer

What Trump’s Twitter troops are trying to do to Roth is despicable. They want to discredit Twitter, based in San Francisco, the most leftist city in America, because the company employs liberals who h …

Washington Post Pulitzer Winner’s Tale of Two Avalons Paints a Deceptive Picture

The Washington Post can’t get its story straight about the suburban metro Atlanta city of Alpharetta. On April 25, one of the Post’s videographers posted footage of a deserted Avalon shopp …

The Economy Will Not Open Until We Have Safe Harbor Protection

The legal sword of Damocles hanging over the collective heads of employers and business owners is really the constraint keeping our economy from opening.

Can Trump Override Governors and Make Worship Essential?


Democrats: It’s Not Your Fault

History is dead. We know this because the 1619 Project tells us that only the victors write history, and the victors in America lack the genetic markers for prodigious melanin, and possess a Y chromos …

McEnany Pierces the Kayfabe for Chris Cuomo

Watch the kayfabe be destroyed

I Blame Congress for Our Economic Collapse

Congress, through its political games and partisan idiocy, has missed the window to keep America working and save our economy, and has instead sunk us. Passing the HEROES Act will practically guarante …

A Troubling Foreshadow

What’s troubling to me isn’t the fact that we know what’s coming this fall when schools begin to reopen–we will have spikes. It’s that the media will pretend we’re doing the wrong thing just to make …

Al Qaeda Isn’t the Big Story on Pensacola Shooter

Unless you have U.S. government-grade security, your “secure” device is an illusion. That’s the biggest story here.


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