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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

The Only “Answer” to Trump is the Ballot Box

The ballot box will–and should–decide the “answer” to Donald Trump on November 3, 2020. Given where the Democratic Party is going, Trump may very well win another term. It won’t be his style that wi …

The Data Breaches Will Never End

The latest Capital One data break affected 100 million people. Let the reality sink in. Your data will be hacked one day. It will happen–not if–when.

Baltimore Sun Gives Trump His Own Medicine and It Stings

The president who spends his late night hours tweeting a stream of garbage, true or not, earned every word aimed at him. Besides his tweets, and his sometimes-useful policies (though tariffs, unlimite …

Pelosi’s Plan to Pocket Impeach Trump

Pelosi used the word “endless” twice, with “not” before it, but the tell is obvious. Of course she means the Democrats will endlessly dig into Trump’s tax returns, personal finances, business connecti …

AOC Issues An Overt Threat of Violence Against Those Who Support Israel

AOC issued an overt threat: “My concern with being overly punitive on nonviolent forms of protest is that it forces people into other channels and I would hate to be a part of, you know, paving that k …

Erica Thomas Lied: They All Hear What They Want to Hear

Maybe, if we’re not being charitable, and Thomas really tried to stir up racial animosity, she should resign. But maybe she really believed she lives in a world where, in a city overwhelmingly made …

Ilhan Omar Deserves Every Insult, And More, For Her Evil BDS Bill

Shall we not mince words? Rep. Ilhan Omar spray painted a thin veneer of Bill of Rights onto an evil bill she had the unmitigated gall to introduce in the United States Congress. Remember the scene in …

The Suicide Squad

They are known as AOC’s “Squad,” and they are increasingly a force in the far-left’s eye-thumbing of the Democratic Party’s power structure, and a four-arrow quiver in th …

Everyone Hates Trump’s Incredibly Bad “Go Back” Tweet

Top trending on Twitter: #RacistInChief #RacistTrump #TrustIsARacist. Much of the time, this is brought on by a bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome. This time, the president brought it on himself.

NYC Blackout Shows City is Way More Livable than 42 Years Ago

A combination of technology advances, aggressive law enforcement, and 20 years from 1994 to 2013 without Democrats in Gracie Mansion, has transformed the Big Apple into a better place.

Ideas Like Nationalizing Sports for Equal Pay is Why Trump Will Win a Second Term

Democrats have stopped even the merest attempt to vet their thoughts or how those statements look to most of America before they express their glands like dogs in heat.

In Defense of Starbucks

The company apologized, and committed itself to take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The officers were offended, and now they should be the grown-ups and forgive. Nobody wants snowflakes on p …

Netflix Has Lost the 2020s Entertainment War

The third season of the hit series “Stranger Things” is out on Netflix and the reviews are generally good (with some exceptions). But the well-received nostalgic horror show isn’t en …

Trump’s Very Presidential July 4th Deserves Credit, But He Won’t Get Any From The Media

President Trump showed his version of what July 4th is about, and it wasn’t bad at all. It played well in most of America, outside the cynical Washington crowd and the media, because most of Ame …

Ocasio-Cortez Says The Entire Border Patrol is a ‘Violent Culture’

There is a “secret” Facebook group with 9,500 members, set up for current and former Customs and Border Protection employees. In this group, some members engaged in rather bad online behav …

Hong Kong Demonstrates the Proper Use of Mobs

The world is watching, and making the world watch is what mobs do best, especially when they are properly used to resist the tyranny of a government set against the rule of law.

Watch Rep. Dan Crenshaw Debunk Democrat Narratives On The Border Crisis

You need to watch this video of Rep. Dan Crenshaw explaining the timeline of the latest humanitarian bill to help with conditions at the border. Remember that Democrats’ election politics is aff …

The Violence Will Be On The Leftist Media’s Heads

Were President Trump truly a tyrant in the class of Kim, or Vladimir Putin, and supported by a court system and ersatz legislature under his thumb, then it would be wholly appropriate for the media, a …

San Francisco Has Banned E-Cigs: City of Virtue Signaling Strikes Again

While playing hopscotch around piles of poop and discarded needles, San Francisco denizens can take much pride in the fact that their city has become a paragon of virtue signaling.

WATCHING THE MOVIES: “Toy Story 4” Redemption Is Here

You’ll meet old friends, learn to grow with them, and see how toys, as moral agents, can listen to the still small voice within. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


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