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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

My Advice to #StormArea51 Moonbats: Don’t Go

This is who awaits the caravan of moonbats. My advice to the idiots, the adventurous, and the curious today: Don’t Go. You’ll be glad you listened to me.

The Latest Poll Shows Democrats Deeply Divided By Race, Age and Education

More and more, it appears to me that the Democrats don’t know who they want to run, only that they want Trump out. Given the candidates on top right now, it will be Republican voters who determine the …

Some Movies Can Be Remade, But Not “The Princess Bride”

Some movies need to be remade, but leave The Princess Bride alone.

I’m Rooting for California

How can the president revoke what Congress has granted? But that’s neither here nor there right now. I’m rooting for California.

Ilhan Omar is a Piece of Work

Any hope for a two-state solution was extinguished (not diminished) when the Arab League called for, and so-called Palestinian leaders still demand, a one-state solution, with an Arab majority and sec …

NYT Reporters Continue Libel for Fun and Profit

This is nothing more than a continuation of the witch hunt and lies by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. Yet on Twitter we see #ImpeachKavanaugh trending.

Let’s Bring Back Candy Cigarettes Too

It’s amazing to me how people become instant libertarians when the government threatens their favorite vice. On Twitter, I’m seeing the hashtag #vapingsaveslives as if somehow crunch-berri …

Blame Trump: Bahamian Humanitarian Denial is True But Misleading

The reason for TPS denial is that the U.S. has other programs and tools at its disposal to help Bahamians, and that reforming the previous administration’s failed immigration policies requires using t …

ABC News is Encouraging Mass Shootings by Selling Terror

Your chances of being killed a by drunk driver are thousands of times greater than being killed by a mass shooter. I don’t hear the media screaming to ban cars or alcohol. I don’t see polls highlighti …

Never Forget

This is the timeline of major events that happened 18 years ago today. 7:59 am – Flight 11 takes off from Boston 8:15 am – Flight 175 takes off from Boston 8:20 am – Flight 77 takes …

Georgia Democrats Can’t Field a Starting Team, Nevermind a Bench

The latest LOL for me is Jon Ossoff’s entry into the Senate race against David Perdue. If you remember, Ossoff, despite being the star of the most expensive House election ever–the special election i …

Stacey Abrams Published Her Playbook. D.C. Democrats are Watching Georgia Closely

Don’t underestimate Abrams or the Democrats. They have money, and they’re going to spend it. In Georgia, they have a game plan, and the rest of the Democrats are watching very closely.

Bernie Is The Perfect Jew for Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour

Sarsour is as bad or worse than the crop of anti-Semites that inhabit the Democratic Party. She’s found the perfect Jew in Bernie. A pox on both of them.

What Would Happen If America Banned AR-15s?

The left is not serious about banning guns, but they are persistent about winning elections using guns as a campaign issue. This is why we must oppose them even when the emotional “do something!” refl …

I Would Believe in Climate Change If Its Church Wasn’t So Judgey

The Christian Bible proclaims that man is the steward of the Earth, because we possess the image of God, and that we can, together, accomplish anything. We can think our way out of whatever problems w …

Goodbye ThinkProgress, That’s the Way to “Stick It To The Man”

Goodbye ThinkProgress. We will miss you! Where else (other than Snopes) can you find such a ready treasure trove of self-writing stories proving the pointlessness of progressive policies? And remember …

England Must Brexit to Save Itself From Corbyn and the Anti-Semitic Europeans

The UK must Brexit, to save its own heritage as the protectors of Israel and the agents of returning the Jews ancient homeland back to its rightful owners. The English people are not Jew-haters, but h …

Tesla’s Latest Snag: If Its Servers Go Down, Owners Can Be Locked Out

For those who didn’t have the card handy, their nice new Tesla became a very expensive brick, because Tesla’s servers have to be up and running in order to use the car from the app–and the app is the …

Hollywood Blacklists Recall a Terrible, Immoral, and Stupid Heritage

Blacklists should be avoided like the plague in Hollywood. But it seems, sadly, nobody there is listening to the sordid history of a town that rarely learns from its mistakes.

The Washington Post Can Do Better by J.D. Vance

Lumping in Vance with Steve King, who has said reprehensible, racist things and has been stripped of all his committee duties by his own party, and snubbed by President Trump in his own home state, is …


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