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Steve Berman

Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

If Trump Offers, Democrats Should Trade DACA for a Wall

Speculation is that President Trump will announce a trade to reopen the government: preserving DACA for his $5.8 billion wall funding. The legislation would contain a version of the so-called Bridge A …

Netflix Broke the 1st Rule of Post-Apocalyptic TV

C’mon Netflix. You’re better than this. Netflix has crossed a line with “Bird Box” and they need to cross back over. But in case you’re unfamiliar, read on–otherwis …

Plaudits and Shame

The U.S. Coast Guard preceded its big brother, the U.S. Navy, by eight years. It dates back to August 1790 when President George Washington signed the Tariff Act. That’s right, Washington was a …

Here’s Pelosi’s Real Message on Delaying SOTU

Speaker Nancy Pelosi put the White House on notice that she does not intend to invite President Trump to address a joint session of Congress on January 29, as is the usual tradition, to deliver the St …

Let Them Eat Burgers, or “Free Fries for Feds”

The partial government shutdown put White House chefs on furlough. But events like hosting NCAA national champion Clemson Tiger players still happen, so Trump bought a smorgasbord of McDonalds, Wendy& …

Dear Media, Stop Drawing Conclusions About Comrade Trump For Me

The media is drawing conclusions once again, for us. They’ve had the dots connected for two years. And they keep adding new pushpins, photos, press clippings, names, faces, and rolls and rolls of twin …

The Shutdown is About to Get Real

Today is an empty payday for hundreds of thousands of federal workers paying for Trump, Schumer and Pelosi’s tantrum.

Democrats Still Fear The Bern

The real elder statesman of the Democratic party is a white-haired nutty Senator from Vermont.

Trump Quietly Reverses His Syria Pullout

Trump’s instincts to get out of Syria are not entirely wrong. But he’s finding out that there’s no right answer.

The Government Alone, Not Private Companies, Should Regulate Free Speech

The government has no right to punish free speech, but it does have an obligation to protect our right to free speech.

She’s In: Warren Goes for 2020

We should all thank Sen. Warren for her commitment to becoming the first to attain irrelevance in the 2020 race.

2018: Disruption and Destruction

The mainstream media’s relevance as a dominant newsmaker and source of social activism has been effectively destroyed.

Trump Lied to Troops in Iraq: Look Who’s Outraged

Trump told troops in Iraq they got a big pay raise, but they didn’t. The media says it’s a big deal. It isn’t.

Trump: 1, Media: 0 After Iraq Trip

A secret trip to share Christmas love with the troops in Iraq took the media by surprise.

This Was So 2018; 2019 Will Be The Year of Paranoia

Trump had Pompeo fire Mattis. 2018 is ending nearly as bad as we imagined, but 2019 will be worse.

Shanahan Shouldn’t Be Trump’s Permanent Nominee for Secretary of Defense

Patrick Shanahan, a 32-year Boeing executive, will take over at DoD in the midst of a crisis of confidence.

We Don’t Want to Go Where ‘Don’t wish me a Merry Christmas’ Leads

Julia Ioffe’s wish for herself is really one we should all ignore.

We Should Listen to Old Soldiers, Especially When They Quit

If you’re focusing on Mattis, Afghanistan, Israel, and Syria, you’re missing the big picture.

California Weed Creates a Stinky Problem for Neighbors

Californians love weed, but they hate their new neighbors. Magical Unicorns turn out to be dead skunks.

Don’t Dismiss Him: Trump’s 2020 Campaign Secret

Remember, Trump does nothing like a politician. He’s only interested in one thing, and he never, ever, stops trolling.


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