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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Society Is Pushing LGBT Freedom, But Freedom From What?

I wonder how the corporate leaders who approved the Sprite ad would respond to another major brand advertising freedom and pride showing parents beaming when their children emerge from baptism waters?

This Reason to Vote for Trump is More Important Than Impeachment to Most Voters

Oh, the people understand. They know who to blame. They may not like President Trump, but if he manages to stay in office for another year, he might just get another four years from those people. They …

Here Is Why Georgia “Head to Head” Polls Are Useless

Let’s dispense with the hysterics of a Georgia battleground, and Stacey Abrams’ call to battle. This is Trump’s race to lose, and in Georgia, at this point, he’s fairly safe except from Joe Biden. I r …

San Francisco’s New Cop-Hating DA, Chesa Boudin, Welcomes You to Venezuela By The Bay

America is a strange place, looked at globally. We daily prove that all government is local, and while we obsess over who will rule the roost in Washington, D.C., and what politicians will ascend to t …

Both Trump and Democrats Play Chicken With Their Hands Off The Wheel

What troubles me most about this isn’t the spectator-sport entertainment that our politics has become, it’s that since both sides have taken their hands off the wheel and are accelerating towards one …

#TeamTrees on YouTube Is Worth Your Support

You won’t find Disney, Coca-Cola, or McDonalds behind #TeamTrees. It was Youtubers who started it, and many of them have somewhat unique perspectives and approaches to planting trees.

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Interviews Fired Producer, ABC Got The Wrong Person

Watch Megyn Kelly interview Ashley Bianco, the producer ABC blamed for Project Veritas leaking a damning video about the network quashing the Jeffrey Epstein story.

We Interrupt Real Life™ For This Impeachment Update

It’s all too twisty and conspiratorial to be useful for anything except bad television, which is what we’re seeing

Bill Gates Calls BS On Elizabeth Warren

Gates smells right through Warren’s BS, and he has no problem calling it out publicly. Warren might be leading the Democrats in polls right now, but she’s totally, completely unelectable.

Caught Between the Genie and the Coup is a Dangerous Place

We are caught between the Genie and the Coup. If all these things are true, then we must address them all in the bright light of public scrutiny. Then let the voters decide.

China Tariffs: Trump’s Winning Hand

Nothing could play better into Trump’s hand than a multi-phased deal with China, with each phase rolling back tariffs and giving American exporters more access to the Chinese market.

That Which United Us, Now Divides

It would be easy to cast blame on liberals for this. After all, there are so many examples of how they’ve polluted corporate and fast-food realms, the whole NFL kneeling idiocy, and myriad other momen …

“The Angry Majority”

The angry majority is exactly the wrong thing to Make America Great Again. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for Trump. Voting is a political act, not an act of fealty. It does mean, however, that …

It’s a Witch Hunt, But…

The fact that there are witch hunters does not excuse the fact that Trump is being a witch. Because there has been a concerted and coordinated effort to hang Russia collusion on Trump, along with a wh …

Facebook Endorses Brain Usage, While Twitter Opts To Think For You

Facebook has taken a position that the people who use its social media platform have brains and should use them to determine the truthfulness of political ads. Dorsey’s Twitter decided to shelter ever …

Impeachment Is Why I Hate Democracy

The same Democrats who rail against the Electoral College because it denied them a plurality, a direct democracy to give them what they want, will hail the democracy of the House of Representatives, w …

If Rep. Katie Hill Did Nothing Wrong, Why is She Resigning?

I’m confused. Rep. Katie Hill “with a broken heart,” resigned her seat as the representative for the 25th District in California’s delegation to the House of Representatives. Y …

Orange Man Bad

Stripped of all pretense and the media’s boners for Obama, the only argument left to make here is the one we’ve always known from the press: Orange Man Bad.

Trump Will Be Impeached, Because He Wants It, But Why?

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is now near inevitable, as the Act 3 finale to his teleplay we call a presidency. We don’t know whether he will be removed. He might be. He doesn’t even know.

Gov. Abbott: Texas Authorities Looking Into James Younger Situation

It’s the role of government to protect children. Protecting a little boy from his mother’s plot to change the natural course of his life with drugs and psychological manipulation is certainly one of t …


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