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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Wray Is Right, Trump Is…Tweeting

FBI Director Chris Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee that his agency sees Antifa as more of a “movement” than an organization, and that the Russians are indeed trying to infl …

Our Shocking Ignorance of the Holocaust Has a Silver Lining

If two thirds of Gen Z young adults think schools did a very poor job of informing them about the Holocaust, then schools should rethink the way they present that information (or rather, don’t present …

If Joe Biden Says This, He Will Win

If Biden said that, he’d win, maybe in a landslide. Heck, I’d consider voting for him if he said that–if he said it and meant it.

Meet The Superheroes Who Will Save Journalism!

Folks like this don’t clan up with the big media money farms. They aren’t selling themselves to Trumptastic versions of Pravda. They aren’t breaking on the razor sharp jagged rocks the president hurls …

There’s More Evidence CNN is Trump’s Stooge Than Trump is a Russian Stooge

Bank robber Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because “that’s where the money is.” Our media may as well be in the same line of work, for all the moral and ethical value of what they’re producing mos …

Fire These People. All Of Them.

A 17-year-old pwned an entire school district in Long Island. Maverick Stowe decided he wanted to go to school every day, despite (and in defiance of) the district’s policy dictating which days …

Gimme Shelter

Ooh, see the fire is sweepin’
Our very street today
Burns like a red coal carpet
Mad bull lost your way

A Judge Nullifying Election Law 60 Days Out is Cheating

This ruling is a partisan play. It gives organizations like Abrams’ a license to cheat by eliminating established procedures and replacing them with–nothing.

Jeffrey Goldberg Should Take His Own Magazine’s Advice About the Insatiable Desire for Narratives

It seems Goldberg might take the advice by Pat Joseph in his own magazine and apply it to himself.

Portland “100% Antifa” Killer Told Vice it was Self Defense, Killed By Police While Armed and Fleeing

The Portland man who admitted to Vice that he killed a “Patriot Prayer” pro-Trump caravaner, was himself killed by a police task force attempting to arrest him for the crime. In a video in …

Pelosi’s Hair is Why Fox News is On Top

Fox News is the only place such a story would see the light of day. And it’s not just because it generates outrage from people who live more than 20 miles from a coastal city, and who go to church on …

The Titanic Election

This election is no longer about who is competent to run government. It’s not about who offers better policy. It’s not about who can grasp the levers of government better, or garner more empathy, or b …

A Little Rioting Is Okay, Or They’d Stop The Violence

Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago’s leaders want there to be a little violence, because violence makes the news. They are cynically playing for the headlines, and so they can have it happen …

You Need to See Chadwick Boseman Do This Better Than Black Panther

One thing will stand out as obvious after you see this speech–watch it in its entirety. Chadwick Boseman was taken from this world too soon. Too soon for us, but with an impeccably perfect timin …

The Worst Takes on Rioting

When Trump wins in November because of this (and I believe he will, barring some turn of events), the Democrats, the media and the anti-Trump broken people will blame the voters for helping Trump win.

The Antichrist Tucks His Platinum Card Next to His 9mm

A bit of logomachy to gild the day. British former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan is widely quoted with this wonderful quip: When asked what would guide his policy, he replied “Events, dear boy …

CNN Makes Good

Thank you CNN. You and the other media helped Trump immeasurably. You may even, like in 2016, push him to victory.

The NBA Should Play, Not Protest

Stupid politics has popped the NBA bubble. Without complete information, players for the Milwaukee Bucks, the LeBron-led L.A. Lakers, and the Clippers have decided that talking to politicians and sitt …

Correct Christian Cancel Culture: Falwell, Jr. Must Be Canceled

Look around and judge for yourself. Falwell is like many others in a long and growing line of people devoted to bad doctrine, evil deeds, and sin. Cancel them all.

TikTok Lawsuit Implies Trump Wants Revenge For Tulsa Rally Hoax

TikTok and its China-based parent company ByteDance filed suit against the Trump administration in response to the president signing an executive order banning U.S. companies from “transacting b …


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