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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Stacey Abrams Brilliantly Cynical Play Gives Hollywood Cover to Stay in Georgia

She gets to act governor-like, and when the studios inevitably agree to “stay and fight” (because, they were never going to leave anyway), she gets to play the heroine who saved Georgia’s film industr …

Nobody Is Talking About The Elephant In The Room

You won’t hear any candidates talking about the biggest problem America has, because all of them want to spend, spend, spend.

If Joe Biden Could Cure Cancer as President, We Should Elect Him

If any candidate had the ability to cure cancer as president, well then we should elect that person. If Joe Biden could cure cancer as president, he’d have my vote. But he can’t.

132 Reasons Trump’s Election Cake Is Not Baked

Regardless of voter personal opinions of Trump, he is in command of the news cycles, and therefore he can move his own numbers. Watch him do it. Whether it’s enough to win or not is certainly, with 51 …

A D.C. Pride March Bans Gay Nation, Allows Anti-LGBT Flag Because They Are Idiots

Let them have their idiot gathering. They can celebrate the depths of their stupidity together while the rest of the world does things that matter. The only silver lining: they’re marching in D.C. tod …

D-Day: America’s Productive Zenith

The true legacy of D-Day is that America still has that spirit to make everything we need–that the world needs–in time of trouble.

YouTube Upholds Free Speech This Time

Progressives have used Big Tech as its proxy in their assault against any speech they disagree with. YouTube, this time, did not cave. Good for free speech, and good for YouTube.

Give Me Frenchism With a Side of Markle Over Trumpism, Yet Here We Are

Or, The Race to the Bottom Pulls Everyone Down the Sewer

Make America Laminar Again

Embrace the turbulence.

The Worst of Both Worlds

Both of these are examples of the worst of both worlds.

Captain John Birch

Stolen Valor

Birch was a hero, but not because he was some red-or-dead patriot. His valor was stolen

Mr. President, Don’t Bypass Congress to Sell Missiles to Saudis

Because it’s wrong, it flouts the law, and it will lead to more killing.

Why Movie Studios Won’t Flee Georgia

The movie business has a god and it is money. They won’t stop serving it, and therefore they won’t leave Georgia.

Welcome to The New Cold War: The Enemy is Even Stronger This Time.

Ronald Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union, which imploded in 1991. China’s Tiananmen Square, in 1989, exposed the horror of its Communist government. Communism was in the dustbin of history. But …

Intent is Important in Impeachable Acts

Intent matters, and as much as Trump lacks character, nobody has yet to show he intended to commit a crime or cover one up.

The Timing of Amash’s Call for Impeachment Intrigues Me

Is Amash planning to primary Trump? If so, this would be a good way to put some distance between himself and the Trump-owned GOP.

Let’s Talk About Zionism and the Arabs

It wasn’t Palestinians who saved Jews from the Holocaust. It was Zionists. It wasn’t Arabs who reclaimed Israel. It was Zionists. It wasn’t Tlaib’s ancestors who made room for 600,000 Jews starving in …

Happy Belly Buttons Day

Praise every mother today, and praise God who had given women the biggest blessing He can bestow: to be the carriers of His glory. Every belly button, even Jesus’, attests to the glory of mothers.

Don’t Make The People’s House Into a Press-Free Zone

Though many reporters have been terribly slanted and in some cases outright hostile to everyone in the Trump White House, the White House–The People’s House–should not be a press-free zone.

Apparen …

Men Just Don’t Care

Go scream at the sky, lady, because it’s not going to change.


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