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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Next Week, Lit QAnon Set to Burn the GOP: GA 14 Marjorie Greene

You better condemn George Soros if you want to hold high federal office in rural northwest Georgia. So tweets congressional candidate Marjorie Greene, who pulled down 40% of the vote in June’s p …

Gerrymandering: Why the 2020 Election Matters Way More Than 2016 Did

Trump’s, and the GOP’s, loss in 2020 (if it happens) will undo much more than just presidential executive actions. It could undo 40 years of progress by Republicans at every level.

In The Middle-Ground of Coronavirus, I Thank God for Clarity

Both sides are exploiting America. Both sides torture Lady Liberty to the point of her wishing death rather than endure the excruciating mockery. Neither side truly cares about the ends of their self- …

Obama’s Dog Poop Brownies

Obama stood at the pulpit to eulogize John Lewis, and gave a campaign speech encouraging voters to cast a ballot for a potted plant, or rather, against Donald Trump.

Zuckerberg Stands Against The Man

The left likes to consider itself a group of upstarts standing up to the “establishment,” but in reality they are the establishment. Over 750 advertisers have joined a boycott on Facebook. A full-page …

What About Responsibility?

Being irresponsible to own the libs is just being irresponsible.

Don’t Be Gaslighted

If you’re thinking this is simply going to go away because you wear a mask, you’re being gaslighted. If you’re thinking it’s all a big hoax, you’re also being gaslighted.

Media Purges Peak With Hearst Chief Ouster

In progressive media culture, success means you can’t afford to be gracious, or sensitive, or politically correct, except, of course, in public appearances. But now, being insufficiently woke is enoug …

Let’s Talk About Fear and Cheating and Billions Stolen

There’s a troubling trend I’m seeing in Georgia, and also in California, but in California it’s much worse due to the proliferation of unions. Fear of working in a coronavirus world …

A Good First Step Away From the Cliffs of Insanity

Betting on Trump with the word “disciplined” is long odds. But if Trump is focused on winning, like he always says he is, then he might be able to summon some kind of inner strength to do it.

Who Has Any Credibility Left in America’s COVID-19 Reboot?

America is going to start over with COVID-19. But this time, who will Americans listen to? There’s nobody left with any credibility.

Praying For Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Conservative Thing To Do

Pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because it’s the conservative thing to do. If you’re not praying, or thinking, this way, then you’re not conservative.

The COVID-19 Leadership Void Comes Home to Roost

COVID-19 has killed 2.3 times more Americans than died in the Vietnam war. On April 28, the death toll hit 58,365, and now it’s up to 138,339, with 920 new deaths reported yesterday (Thursday). …

Homeschooling is Racist. We Must ‘Focus’ Harder, But Don’t Open Schools.

Someone’s going to sue the school district, and a judge is going to come up with some harebrained order. Then what will they do? Are LAUSD officials planning to bus minority students to white kids’ ho …

This Is a Big F-ing Deal: Biden, Twitter Blue-Checks Got Hacked

Wednesday, a who’s-who of blue checks were hacked on Twitter, leading the company to impose a brief, but unprecedented lock on all verified accounts tweeting or retweeting. As Joe Biden would sa …

Our China Poker Game is Going High Stakes

The Chinese hope to gain everything. They hope to wait out the current president, and when another comes into office, they will play a different hand, a much stronger hand.

School Opening Debate: Atlanta, LA: No, NYC: Partial, Suburban Atlanta: Yes.

Los Angeles and San Diego unified school districts will not open in the fall, choosing to offer online-only education to students. Meanwhile, in Georgia, Fulton County schools will open, while Atlanta …

Your Liberty Means Nothing in Hell

I have a lot of hope that America, as a nation, will return to some kind of normalcy and sanity. Since news is a market-based consumer operation, news and politics will slow down simply from sheer exh …

Overthrowing the “Isms”

When I was a geeky teen, my geeky teen friends and I used to have discussions about the most efficient, best form of government. We concluded it had to be a benevolent dictatorship. I don’t thin …

Now We Can See Trump’s Tax Returns (Not So Fast)

A pair of SCOTUS rulings handed down Thursday tell us that yes, President Trump has no immunity from valid orders to release his tax information, and no, Congress hasn’t justified requests from …


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