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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Washington Post Pulitzer Winner’s Tale of Two Avalons Paints a Deceptive Picture

The Washington Post can’t get its story straight about the suburban metro Atlanta city of Alpharetta. On April 25, one of the Post’s videographers posted footage of a deserted Avalon shopp …

The Economy Will Not Open Until We Have Safe Harbor Protection

The legal sword of Damocles hanging over the collective heads of employers and business owners is really the constraint keeping our economy from opening.

Can Trump Override Governors and Make Worship Essential?


Democrats: It’s Not Your Fault

History is dead. We know this because the 1619 Project tells us that only the victors write history, and the victors in America lack the genetic markers for prodigious melanin, and possess a Y chromos …

McEnany Pierces the Kayfabe for Chris Cuomo

Watch the kayfabe be destroyed

I Blame Congress for Our Economic Collapse

Congress, through its political games and partisan idiocy, has missed the window to keep America working and save our economy, and has instead sunk us. Passing the HEROES Act will practically guarante …

A Troubling Foreshadow

What’s troubling to me isn’t the fact that we know what’s coming this fall when schools begin to reopen–we will have spikes. It’s that the media will pretend we’re doing the wrong thing just to make …

Al Qaeda Isn’t the Big Story on Pensacola Shooter

Unless you have U.S. government-grade security, your “secure” device is an illusion. That’s the biggest story here.

Behind in Polls, Trump is Giving the Media What They Want in “Obamagate”

It almost seems like these pieces are weaving cloth from the same thread, um, talking points. It’s probably because they are, and the protective media is circling around their favorite person in the w …

A Person is Smart. People are Dumb.

The pattern of this world is that people are dumb. But a person is smart enough to handle the truth. Be smart.

Is Biden’s “Unmasking” Request on Flynn a Bombshell or a Bust?

If “unmasking” was such a common practice in 2016 and early 2017, is this really a bombshell that the Vice President’s name showed up? I don’t know how this is going to play out, but if most Americans …

We Can’t Get Back to Work Until We Get Back to School, So Fauci’s Vaccine Comment is Huge

Dr. Fauci’s warning about vaccines not being ready for school should be an alarm bell, not that we should keep them home indefinitely, but that we need to make schools safe to attend.

Ross Douthat Nailed That “WIN” Feeling

I have been struggling to put into words how I see our polarized nation feel, trapped in a cruel Groundhog Day script, where instead of improving ourselves, we inure to daily death counts, the elderly …

Like It Or Not, Voting By Mail Will Become the New Norm

I expect that the vote-by-mail system will be tested and judged effective this year in places where it’s been promoted (like Georgia). But that doesn’t mean we should rush into adopting it nationwide …

Testing Is Not a Panacea, In Fact It Can Create Fear

I was a hard-over believer in 100% testing until last week. The business where I work is deemed (and in fact, is) an essential activity. We are not health care workers, or first responders, and actual …

DOJ Motion to Drop Flynn Case is Troubling

Nothing will be cleaned up, nothing will be resolved. It will just be more of the same crooked, fact-challenged tweet-rich garbage we’ve seen for four years.

Did a Supreme Court Justice Flush the Toilet During Oral Arguments?

Coronavirus social distancing has led to some pretty awkward moments in legal history, but so far nobody’s bar has measured up to this: during oral arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court, a toilet …

Biden Makes a Convenient Binary Choice for MeToo

Maybe Hirshman thinks she’s “taking one for the team,” but should Trump win, it will be Biden taking that political bullet for her. It shows little courage to place one’s core beliefs on the altar of …

Can We Get Real About Coronavirus?

We are all going to have to do this alone.

The Pulitzer Has Become a Joke

The 1619 Project might very well deserve a Pulitzer Prize for fiction. But before that is awarded, perhaps the Pulitzer Center should give itself its own prize, in the category of comedy. They have ma …


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