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Steve Berman

Life begins at conception. Sex is determined by genetics. God pre-exists the universe. In the war of means and ends, means is everything. Live like you’re a miracle living in a sea of miracles, or you’ll miss the most important things in life.

Two Wrongs Still Make Wrong

Two wrongs don’t make it right. Browne is a self-aggrandizing nitwit (that’s my opinion, but don’t argue with me over it), but Sheriff Chronister is blissfully ignorant of common sense. The First Amen …

Another Unintended Consequence of COVID-19: Chloroquine Shortages Hurt Lupus Patients

I realize that saving COVID-19 patients is important–saving lives. But let’s not make drugs like Plaquenil unavailable for those who rely on them.

Of China and Trump, One is Obviously Betraying the World

China betrayed the world, and Donald Trump didn’t.

Fauci: 100,000 or More Deaths. What Will It Take To Convince You?

This means if you’re one of the people in denial, constantly looking for reasons why we’re confined to our homes, not able to go to the park, or the beach, or to the dentist, you have your answers. I …

COVID-19, April 28 and Beyond: From Here, The Math Doesn’t Lie

The math doesn’t lie. COVID-19 will be a terrible problem for New York City. The federal government should apply a maximum amount of aid and effort to help them. The rest of the nation should swarm ar …

Biden Accused of Sexual Assault by a Former Staffer

Stories like this one, a longtime accusation of rape, might get legs if the power brokers decide Biden is just too old and out to pasture to be a viable candidate in the general election.

Congratulations? Senate Passes $2+ Trillion CARES Bill Full of Hope and Pork

America will be paying for this giant cash effluent for decades. Our kids and their kids will be paying off this multi-trillion dollar river of sludge. Yes, we needed it, but we didn’t need the Democr …

A Divided People Heard What They Wanted to Hear Trump Say

Monday’s daily presser with President Trump on the Coronavirus illuminated some terrible truths. In a time when our nation really needs to be united against the threat of COVID-19, we remain hop …

IOC: 2020 Tokyo Olympics Postponed

Mark another sporting event off your calendar for 2020. This was probably inevitable. After Canada and Australia announced they were not sending teams to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the IOC f …

Steve Mnuchin Donated to Democrats: Now They Are Throwing Him Under the Bus

It’s not about Mnuchin’s authority or oversight. It’s about getting their pet projects thrown into this relief bill. They are holding the nation hostage over petty power politics. Nothing could be mor …

When the New Normal Is Unknown: Fear, Hope and Stupidity

The latest “news” or speculations or “I heards” include some fear, some hope, and a whole lot of stupid. Take comfort, for these days will, with God’s help, end.

Here’s Everything That’s Wrong with the GOP’s Cash Stimulus Plan

The Senate needs to go back to the drawing board with this stimulus and do it over again. It’s just too broken to go forward. I hope they kill this bill and do something sensible.

Sen. Loeffler Profited on Coronavirus Stock Trades: We Need the Full Story

There have already been calls for Loeffler’s resignation, along with Burr’s. This needs to be thoroughly investigated, and soon. We can’t have U.S. Senators, elected or appointed, profiting off Americ …

Everyone Thought The Government Has Warehouses Full of Ventilators

President Trump just invoked the Defense Production Act, a 1950’s holdover from the Korean War that allows the government, in support of national security, to direct civilian businesses to make what t …

Expelling US Journalists is Final Proof China Is Not America’s Friend, In Peace or Crisis

We should condemn China in the strongest terms. Maybe in a way this virus has a silver lining. We are learning to do without, and we are learning what’s important. Maybe when it’s over, we can decide …

Think Twice If You Want One of Those 100,000 Amazon Jobs

One company benefiting from the current fluid and fearful COVID-19 situation is Amazon. So much so that, to meet the pandemic-induced surge in demand, they’re hiring an additional 100,000 worker …

FILE-In this Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015 file photo, a unidentified prisoner on death row stands in his cell at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, in Jackson, Ga. Georgia led the nation this year in the number of inmates put to death, an anomaly that's due at least in part to executions in Texas dipping into single digits for the first time in 20 years. (AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

The Prisoner’s Dilemma of Fighting a Virus

The virus doesn’t care about your gym, or your school, or your job, or your paycheck. It’s a virus. We are left with the classic prisoner’s dilemma. We can cooperate, and flatten the curve, so that th …

Chick-fil-A, Other Fast Food Moving to To-Go and Drive Through Only

This is a great idea, and I hope all fast food restaurants adopt it. Chick-fil-A announced Sunday it is temporarily closing all dining room seating in an announcement on the company’s website.

Three Cheers for Federalism in a National Crisis

The real problem these attacks on federalism are gunning for is not how the government responds to a crisis. It’s that they don’t like federalism. They don’t like the Electoral College, or equal repre …

Go Buy a Month’s Worth of Groceries. Do It Now. It’s Not Hoarding.

You may be a hoarder, or it might be okay, depending on what you’re buying. Buying 16 jumbo 32-packs of toilet paper is probably unnecessary. Buying 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer so you can r …


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