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Why The French-Ahmari Debates Matter

…and why Ahmari most likely won the debate.

Riggleman Bigfoots Marriage (And That’s OK To Talk About)

Representative Denver Riggleman (R-VA) represents the 5th District of Virginia, a mostly rural stretch that still holds tightly to the traditions of old. Riggleman — a distillery operator with a …

They Really Do Hate Us, Don’t They?

Ask a question you don’t want an answer to, and expect an answer one might not want to hear. One cannot look at the rhetoric and pandering coming from the left and its leadership without openly …

Medical Professionals Just Don’t Survive At Planned Parenthood

Leana Wen’s incubation at Planned Parenthood didn’t even last nine months. Planned Parenthood is good at that. Given that the fiscal year for the nation’s #1 abortion chain ended on …

Reagan or Wallace: Choose One

Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin isn’t exactly a household name. One of the leaders of the ill-fated French Revolution of 1848, he is known to most Americans solely for one quip as the revolution …

The Unendurable Wokeness Of The Progressive Left

For starters, this whole kerfluffle over President Trump’s latest weekened twitterfest has to be the most banal and stupid of discussions. Did anyone learn anything about Trump that we didn&#821 …

Edmund Burke and the Dead Consensus

When Russell Kirk wrote his 1967 one volume biopic of Edmund Burke, the “dead consensus” was very much alive. Barry Goldwater had championed the cause of classical liberalism in 1964 that …


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