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Flynn Sentencing Delayed as He Cooperates with Prosecutors

A judge has granted Flynn’s request to delay sentencing while they cooperate with prosecutors

Amazon: Georgia Dodged a Bullet

Our “tax and give” economic policy is hurting rural Georgia and compounding metro gridlock

Hillary 4.0: A New, Better, Bigger Loser for 2020

Former Clinton advisors say Hillary 4.0 will be the Democratic nominee in 2020

URGENT: Don’t Forget about Kemp’s Replacement

The governor’s race has gotten a lot of attention, but the Secretary of State race is equally important

Missouri Democrats have to “Force Down Vomit” for Claire McCaskill

McCaskill’s campaign is going off the rails, and even elected Democrats in Missouri don’t like her

DESPERATION: Media Attacks Brian Kemp for Literally Nothing

Rolling Stone published an exclusive story based on “leaked audio” of Kemp urging supporters to vote

TRIGGERED: CNN Anchor Wages War on “M-Word”

Brooke Baldwin doesn’t like hearing the word “mob” used to describe a large and unruly group of people.

Could Democrats be Suppressing Voter Turnout in Georgia?

As Democrats continue to push false allegations about Brian Kemp, some voters could stay home thinking they can’t vote

BREAKING: Protestors Interrupt Senator Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins was shouted down by protestors as she tried to speak from the Senate

New Turn in Kavanaugh Circus: Ford’s Ex of Six Years Speaks Up

Ford’s ex-boyfriend provides details that suggests she may have committed perjury

BREAKING: Jeff Flake Calls for FBI Investigation

The Arizona Senator voted to bring Kavanaugh’s nomination to the whole Senate, but calls for an FBI investigation

Unpopular Opinion: Rachel Mitchell did Her Job Perfectly

Mitchell, who was tapped by Republicans to question Christine Ford, has taken a lot of scrutiny for her performance

Why I Am Voting for Brian Kemp

I strongly support Brian Kemp, and you should as well

Rematch 2020: Hillary Reportedly Gearing up for Another Run

Are democrats this dumb? We can certainly hope.

Please, Stop Talking About Tax Returns

Newsflash: When you say taxes, people stop listening.

The Electoral College is here to Stay

Liberals like to whine about the electoral college, but it isn’t going anywhere

Ted Cruz Twitter Trolls Bernie

Cruz has backed the socialist into a corner: Bernie can make the tax cuts permanent, or admit he’s lying about them

TAX BILL: 13 Millions Americans aren’t “Losing” Healthcare

Dear liberals: Americans aren’t “losing” healthcare, they’re choosing not to buy it. Obamacare is just that bad.

NEWSFLASH: Americans don’t like the Clintons

A recent Gallup poll shows Hillary’s favorability ratings plummeting

Jill Stein Prepares to “Wage War on Overblown Russia Investigation”

Jill Stein is reportedly the newest target in the Senate investigation into campaign collusion with Russia


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