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Ragan Ewing

Who I am: Christ-follower, husband, father.

What I do: write, preach, music.

What I dig: theology, comics, political discourse.

Steven-Freaking-Spielberg to Direct a DC “Superhero” Movie! (…ish)

The king of genre films swoops in for a rescue mission where Snyder & Whedon crashed and burned. Up, up, and a-waaait …

BREAKING: Pardon for Scooter Libby—Who DID NOT Leak Valerie Plame’s Identity

Gaslighting’s a heckuva drug. For years MSM said he outed a CIA agent. He’ll get his record back, but never his name.

Piers Morgan Just Britsplained the 2A. Let’s Dismantle His “Point”, Shall We?

Piers gets an itchy Twitter finger, takes aim at gun rights, naturally steps on all the rakes instead.

Rise or Die: 8 Reasons Resurrection Is Required

Does it really matter if His tomb was empty? Or if ours will be someday? Why??

Anti-Gun Activists Claim Protests Are “Pro-Life”

Abortion opponents want laws to ban the act of killing. Gun control advocates want much more.

Child Molester Wins Appeal—Judge Was Too “Taser-y”

A predator has rights, too. A judge can’t just shock a guy over and over in open court. Because it’s…wrong? Right?

Why Secular Leftists Are Half-Right about “Thoughts & Prayers”

It’s true—thoughts do nothing.
Prayer, however … is a **political** act.

Paging Joy Behar: Oprah’s Just as Pray-Cray as Mike Pence

As Oprah weighs her 2020 plans just like a normal believer would, we await her next visit to “The View” with popcorn.

MSNBC: AR-15s Unstoppable Because Revolvers Have Slow Bullets…What??

The “arming teachers” argument is complicated. Lying on TV is simple. And unhelpful. And really condescending.


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