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Ragan Ewing

Who I am: Christ-follower, husband, father.

What I do: write, preach, music.

What I dig: theology, comics, political discourse.

How Planned Parenthood Gaslights Its Own People

…as is customary for habitual abusers of women.

PolitiFact LIED about Ted Cruz on Illegal Immigrant Families. SHAMELESSLY.

1) Cruz told truth. 2) But only with context. 3) Cruz gave that context. POLITIFACT RATING: Mostly False. (wut?)

Amb. Nikki Haley Responds to UN Report on US Poverty: “New Phone, Who Dis?”

The UN Human Rights Council thinks America isn’t fair. Starving citizens of member nations unavailable for comment.

Disney-Marvel-Lucasfilm-Pixar-OmniCorp SMASH Puny Comcast in Bidding War for Fox

And the XFinity War Ends with Hollywood’s Mad Titan Smiling in Victory

No, North Korea is Never Giving Up Its Nukes—Trump or No Trump.

The nuclear football gets teed up for us yet again. But things will be totally different with this president, right?

Legendary Columnist Charles Krauthammer Has “Only a Few Weeks Left to Live”

The Center-Right thought leader announced his sad news this morning.

BREAKING: Deadly Eruption of Guatemalan Volcano Worst in 40 Years

God is King of His creation. But His creation groans for liberation from the curse of sin and death we brought upon it.

FACT CHECK: Does Ambien Cause Racism??

In the wake of Roseannegate, Big Pharma quickly denounced Barr’s claim of Ambien-induced bigotry. Here’s OUR analysis.

BREAKING: “Roseanne” Canceled over Racially-Insensitive Slam of Obama Staffer

Roseanne Barr’s Trumpeted comeback was just cut short by the same thing that made it a hit: Roseanne’s mouth …

Turn the Paige: Patterson Out at Southwestern Seminary. A Baptist #MeToo Moment?

Claims of victim-silencing, abuse-enabling end an SBC era. Can America’s largest Protestant denom survive the reckoning?

BREAKING: House Passes Massive Gutting of Dodd-Frank

The Senate-born bill now goes to the President’s desk in a stunning rebuke of Obama-era overregulation.

SCOTUS Scuttlebutt: Is Kennedy Retiring NOW??

In the ultimate “Whoa, if true”, Washington is bracing for a seismic shift of Supreme power. Is this “The Big One”?

Where is Jesus when a Child Dies?

How a friend’s worst nightmare became the greatest Gospel proclamation I’ve ever seen

Hey, Can the 2020 GOP Convention Meet at Your House? Because…

American cities apparently have…concerns about holding Trumpapalooza II in their streets. Gee, wonder why.

SNAP: In Fox Bidding War, Comcast Could Wipe Out Half of Disney’s Slate

Can Comcast cancel Mickey’s plans for multiversal media dominance? At what cost? One expert says “Everything.” (Thanos)

Why Michael Cohen is Almost Certainly an Insurance Fraud Kingpin

A fraud investigator’s look at new allegations against Trump’s attorney—and what Rolling Stone’s original report misses

BREAKING: Feds Thwart ISIS-Pledged Teen’s Mall Massacre Plot in Frisco, TX

The highschooler had composed a radical Islamic manifesto and was preparing for a mass shooting in coming weeks.

Happy Birthday, Supes. Sincerely, America: Faith, History & a Humanity of Steel

Superman isn’t boring. Landmark release “Action Comics #1000” just reminded us of that 80-year-old truth.

US Now Ranked 45th in Journalistic Freedom, Say Free Journalists

Technically, the list came from France.
For what that’s worth. Still tho…

If Mitt Romney Can’t Win a Senate Nomination in Utah, Is the GOP Dead?

The almost-POTUS is headed for a runoff–because *Utah Republicans* just weren’t that into him. What is happening??


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