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Ragan Ewing

Who I am: Christ-follower, husband, father.

What I do: write, preach, music.

What I dig: theology, comics, political discourse.

Satanists Think Mike Pence’s Religious Beliefs Are Scary. Really.

Satanic Temple founder Lucien Greaves spoke to The Daily Beast this week about Vice President Mike Pence. Pondering the VP’s evangelical Christian faith, Greaves confessed bluntly, “Mike Pence rea …

From Russia with Leverage: Why the “But Hillary” Response to the Mueller Probe Fails

Whataboutism is not a four-letter word in my dictionary. Quite frankly, I have no problem with calling out rank hypocrisy when the other side of the aisle has a plank in its eye while criticizing a sp …

Fox News’ Brett Baier & Family Injured in Major Accident.

Per Daily Wire, Fox News anchor Brett Baier was in a serious auto accident Monday along with his wife and children. Though sustaining injuries, they have all been released from the hospital at this ti …

Justin Trudeau: Pro-Lifers “Not in Line with Where We Are as a Society”

Canada has a neat summer jobs program that helps fund temporary placements at non-profit organizations. That is, unless your group is pro-life, of course, because then you’re a bunch of Neanderthals …

TERMINATOR Was a Christmas Movie Before Die Hard Was in Die-pers

While everybody was fighting about Die Hard, nobody noticed how another movie got there first (via time travel).

No Abortion Clinics in Nashville! How Did It Happen? Don’t Ask Local News.

With Nashville’s last abortion provider pausing the procedure, MSM tries to politicize, but mostly self-owns instead.

BREAKING: Stan Lee, Legendary Comics Pioneer, Dead at 95.

That’s TOO far, Thanos. Too far.

If the “Enthusiasm Gap” Counts for Anything, Expect a Blue-nami.

Totally unscientific deduction here. But …

BREAKING: At Least 8 Dead in Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue

Several others wounded, including three police officers.

Cory Booker: “Kavanaugh Could Be Impeached!” Constitution: “ROFL”

It’s a non-starter. Because math.

The Myth of the Apolitical Jesus

Many American Christians are abandoning “worldly” politics to focus on what’s “spiritual”. But is that a thing??

America’s Just Staying Together for the Kids at This Point

As a Civil Cold Warâ„¢ continues to brew in the US, is our conflict based on a false premise?

Jake Tapper Gets “Presumption of Innocence” Wrong. Hirono Gets America Wronger.

CNN to US Senator: “Doesn’t Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?” Wwwell … … .

BREAKING: Sen. John McCain Has Passed Away at the Age of 81

The war hero, former nominee for President, and Senate legend died today after a year of battling brain cancer.

Protester InterrupTED, Got Struck by CRUZ Missile at Resurgent Gathering

FINALLY, the Conservative Rock HAS COME BACK to The Gathering…

Resurgent Gathering: Facebook’s Public Policy VP on Fake News, Censorship & Bias

Ex-FCC Chair Kevin Martin talks his new role at the social media giant, plus conservative concerns about the platform.

Explaining Trump’s Bizarre Love Affair with Tariffs

What everyone misses in the trade debate.

BREAKING: Singer Demi Lovato Hospitalized for Heroin OD

Pray for famous people. They’re just people.

On the Virtue of Non-Toxic Masculinity

True manhood isn’t just a societal option; it is a moral imperative.

Lesbian Batwoman Show in the Works, and Conservatives Needn’t Freak over It

Wait, wait—just hear me out here…


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