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Why Aren’t Democrats Punishing Their Own Congressional Racists?

The Republican Party leadership in Congress is doing what it should do by not only distancing themselves from Representative Steve King, but punishing him for idiotic remarks he made to the New York T …

Is It Too Much to Ask for Prominent Christians to Stop Embarrassing the Rest of Us?

I remember well the fallout from Televangelist Pat Robertson’s 2005 call to assassinate Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.  I was doing a radio show at the time and faced the obligatory, if not annoyin …

How Did Jen Hatmaker Not See the Condemnation She Just Heaped on Her Own Head?

The author condemned those who exchanged truth for Trump, not acknowledging her own shameful compromise on truth.

Poor Nancy: This Impeachment Thing Isn’t Going to End Well

It’s hard to see how Nancy Pelosi could be foolish enough to pursue impeachment…or foolish enough to not pursue it.

Do You Think the Left Even Knows It is Eating Itself?

So here’s the state of the revolution: white women aren’t really women, & the LGBT acronym is transphobic. This is fine.

Yes, Mr. Commenter, Freedom Only Works for Moral and Religious People

Without public morality, government must grow. When government grows, freedoms contract. Freedom requires morality.

The Left’s Pence-aphobia is Hilarious, But What it Reveals Isn’t

Pence is merely the figurehead for the true phobia that has overtaken the modern left – Christophobia.

What Can a Christian Do When Up is Down, Right is Wrong, and Boys are Girls?

God’s message to us today is the same as it was to those living in the equally depraved culture of Rome: don’t conform.

Hall of Shame: the Left and the Right’s Two Worst Christmas Twitter Takes

I had originally planned to offer the Top Ten Worst Christmas Twitter takes. These two will suffice.

Tim McGraw Romanticizes Murderous Dictatorships in Upcoming Tour

If liberals want to credibly rip Trump for secretly adoring dictatorial regimes, they need to quit romanticizing them.

Oops: Planned Parenthood Admits What is in the Womb

It’s probably no surprise that media has allowed this Planned Parenthood video to slip under everyone’s radar.

Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Christians That are Obsessed with People’s Sex Lives

When leftists pushing the sexual revolution say this, it is a classic (and annoying) case of projection.

Can Trump Seriously be Re-Elected?

Jonah Goldberg puts the 2020 presidential race perfectly: Trump can’t win it, but the Democrats can still lose it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Praises a Murderous Terrorist – Where’s the Outrage?

You can like the “Hamilton” play and still refuse to heap effusive praise and attention on a man who idolizes murderers.

The DNC is Mad at Preachers Because the DNC Worships Abortion

The DNC wouldn’t need to worry how to silence preachers preaching against evil if they would just stop promoting it.

Here’s Why I’m Praying Trump Isn’t Impeached

The U.S. would survive the rest of his term. Could it survive an impeachment perceived as a coup? I’m not so sure.

A Simple Yet Profound Approach to Evangelizing LGBT Friends

In a powerful, convicting way, scholar Rosaria Butterfield promotes this Christian response to our LGBT friends.

Rudolph to Baby It’s Cold Outside, Progressivism Ruins Everything

Normal people don’t think like this. The best argument against progressive thought is exposure to progressive thought.

Someone Tell Gonzaga Shapiro Will be Coming, So Just Take the L Now

The university has beclowned itself denying Shapiro in Jesus’ name. The sooner they backtrack and cave, the better.

One Guess Why This Female Rockstar Law Professor Not Celebrated by Feminist Left

While I still prefer burning it to the ground, Professor Amy Wax has a clever plan for saving local colleges.


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