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by Nick

Goose-Stepping Towards The Election

Leftists say voting Republican makes you basically Hitler. But did you know you are the concentration camp guards too?

by Nick

Safety Knives – The Knives Of The Future!

First there were safety scissors. Now get ready for Safety Knives! Hurry up and order now!

by Nick

Private Jets And Spaceships For The Lord

Will you please make the decision to partner with me today to buy a private spaceship? I know you will be blessed by it.

by Nick

When A Liberal Billionaire Acts Like A Commoner, Epic Cringe Ensues

When a liberal billionaire trust fund baby pretended to understand the working man, a truly horrible ad was born.

by Nick

Octopus … From … Space!!!

Some scientists have found their own personal messiah in the space octopus.

by Nick

Why Does A Pedophilia Advocate Have Political Asylum Protection In The U.S.?

The U.S. Government granted political asylum to a Singaporean teenager calling himself “The Asian Pedophile”. Why???

by Nick

Pro-Wrestler “Kane” Wins GOP Primary

Famous Professional Wrestler Kane chokeslammed his competition on the way to a GOP Primary victory Tuesday evening.

by Nick

Unhappy Birthday, Karl Marx

May 5 will be Karl Marx’s 200th birthday. Leftists celebrate their favorite maniac.

by Nick

Wrestling with Saudi Arabia

When does a professional wrestling show morph into international politics and propaganda?

by Nick

Jail – One Man’s Get-Out-Of-Work-Free Card

Did you ever hate your job so much that you’d rather go to prison than work? One man in the Seattle area did.

by Nick

Why Are We Here? The One Question Science Can’t Answer

Science thinks it has all the answers, but it really depends on what questions are being asked.

by Nick

UPDATE: YouTube Shooter Reportedly Female, 4 Wounded

Update: Female YouTube shooter reportedly dead; 4 wounded.

by Nick

The Worst Day Ever

The path to glory often runs through pain. Black Saturday was a day of sorrow and misery to make Easter more glorious.

by Nick

Praise For United Airlines – Yes, Really!

A stroke over the Atlantic, a diverted plane flight, and proper customer care. It was a crazy weekend!

by Nick

When A Veto On Gun Control Isn’t Really A Veto On Gun Control

Illinois’ Governor just vetoed a gun control bill. Sadly, it’s not as positive as you may think.

by Nick

Did Archeologists Discover Isaiah The Prophet’s Personal Seal?

Did a recent excavation in Jerusalem unearth an archeological artifact belonging to the Biblical prophet Isaiah?

by Nick

Fools For Curling

Historic Curling success for the USA was achieved last night, and super-fan Mr. T was cheering them on the whole way.

by Nick

Rejoice! The National Nightmare Is Over!

Rejoice! New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles tonight in Super Bowl LII, ending their reign of terror.

by Nick

Oof Canada!

“O Canada” will now be gender-neutral. Canada changes one line of national anthem, but why stop there? Sarcasm Ahead!

by Nick

Are You Ready? It’s The X … F … L!!!

The XFL is back, Bay-Bay!
Vince McMahon of the WWE is bringing back his disaster of a sports idea for one more try.


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