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by Nick

Avengers: Endgame – Plight of the Forgotten Characters

No spoilers intended… As of the writing of this article, I have not yet watched Avengers: Endgame.  I expect to see it soon, but before that, I wanted to ask you all to take a moment and consid …

by Nick

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis Stepping Down

The latest Cabinet change hits the White House.

by Nick

BREAKING: The Last Senate Seat Of 2018 Has Been Decided!

The election in Mississippi tonight finalized the balance of power in Washington for the next two years.

by Nick

The Curious Case of Ohio

Valuable lessons from Ohio for the GOP!

by Nick

Kanye’s Work Here Is Done!

Having angered and/or confused almost everyone, Kanye West can now ride off into the sunset.

by Nick

Crazy People Love Politics

*I am NOT referring to my wonderful readers as crazy. This article is about actual unstable individuals.*

by Nick

Vote For The Future

Consider this a friendly reminder: Elections are about more than the next two years. Get out and VOTE!

by Nick

Hating Ted Cruz Must Be Very Profitable

Beto O’Rourke’s impossible campaign against Cruz seems to be making Dem strategists muy rich. And they all want a piece.

by Nick

Deadliest Shot In The Farmyard

Hide your cows! Hide your pigs! Jon Tester’s a-comin’!

by Nick

Murkowski Should Pay The Price

Enough is enough! This “No” vote is unacceptable.

by Nick

Take The Vote!

Advice for the GOP in Washington.

by Nick

An Astounding But Brutal Flight

A marathon flight in the most technologically advanced plane on Earth. It’s coming!

by Nick

Record-Setting Bull Market Milestone Today

$$$$$$$ Dollars, dollars, dollars!!! $$$$$$$

by Nick

Sen. Ted Cruz At The Resurgent Gathering (With Video)

Full Ted Cruz video interview included.

by Nick

Chip Roy Talks Conservatism, The Swamp, and Border Security – (Full Interview)

Conservative GOP Congressional candidate Chip Roy stopped by the Resurgent Gathering.

by Nick

Resurgent Gathering Interview With Rep. Warren Davidson

Erick sits down with House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Warren Davidson. Full video interview below.

by Nick

The New Morality Of Laziness

Work is immoral… according to Leftists, where getting a job is tantamount to fascism.

by Nick

Christian Pride

If you are a Christian, it is your duty to be proud of your faith. Never hide or be ashamed of it!

by Nick


They call it civil disobedience. It looks more like heightening aggression from the Left though.

by Nick

The Left Mansplains

Progressive toxic masculinity runs wild!


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