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Merrie Soltis

Conservative blogger who lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her 4 Persian cats. Follow me on Twitter @ConservaCatGal.

What Conservatives Don’t Get About Identity Politics

Of course we shouldn’t vote simply on the basis of group identity. We shouldn’t ignore it either.

So, Who Wants to Do the Super Bowl Half Time Show?

Politics has turned it into “Music’s least wanted gig.”

David French Defends Wife on Twitter

With allies like Julie Kelley, we sure as hell don’t need any enemies.

No, “Die Hard” is NOT a Christmas Movie!

And if you believe it is, then your heart is 2 sizes too small.

Aquaman Swims Against The Tide of Bad DC Movies

They’ve been working on it long enough. Good to see they actually got it right.

Netflix is flooding us with original content, but we’re still watching reruns.

So, what’s going to happen when there are too many streaming services?

Urban Meyer To Retire After Rose Bowl

And there was great rejoicing throughout the land (except in Ohio.)

Sully Takes The Last Watch

President George HW Bush’s service dog continues to watch over his master.

Is Trump Causing Divorce?

Why are so many relationships hitting the skids because of Donald Trump?

Is the Hookup Culture Killing Sex?

If sex is abundantly available on your cell phone, then why are young people having less of it?

Dan Crenshaw appears on Saturday Night Live to Accept Pete Davidson’s Apology

Well played, gentlemen. Well played.

My Veteran’s Day Apology

How much do you know about the veterans in your life?

Jon Ossoff Lost but Lucy McBath Won.

What both parties can learn from a flipped House seat.

If Gender Is Fluid, Then Why Not Age?

A 69-Year old Dutch man asks the government to turn back time.

The Biggest Winner on the Georgia Ballot

We’re still counting votes in the Gubernatorial race, but one big winner has emerged from yesterday’s election.

Rejoice, America! Starbucks Christmas cups are back.

So, what are we going to complain about NOW?

Happy National Cat Day!

Or, as we call it around my house: Monday.

Happy N

Why Don’t Colleges Just Admit That Their Admissions Process Is a Scam?

They could end the lawsuits and save everybody a lot of trouble.

People Spend HOW MUCH on Halloween Costumes for Their Pets?

Americans are expected to spend $9 Billion on Halloween this year. 15% of that will go towards costumes. For animals.


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