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Matthew Monforton

A Dress Rehearsal for Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS Hearing

Two years ago, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) hectored Amy Coney Barrett, a Trump nominee for the Seventh Circuit, because “the dogma lives loudly within you.” Feinstein was referring to Barrett …

Montana Dems Sold Their Souls to Save Their Stevie

Sometimes numbers paint stories more vivid and collar-grabbing than do words and pictures.  Like how, in response to Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement, state Democratic lawmakers (and a fa …

Democrats’ Racial Incitements Threaten Philadelphia Police, Not The 2nd Amendment

Philadelphia police attempting to execute a narcotics warrant in a “troubled” neighborhood yesterday got a surprise when a felon with a 12-page rap sheet, including a lengthy prison sentence for f …

Montana Woke Senate Candidate Agrees With New York Race Baiter That Trump is Offensive

Wilmot Collins became Helena’s first black mayor a little over a year ago but quickly grew tired of the job and threw his hat in the ring for Senate.  And despite being the Democrats’ front-r …

SCOTUS Will Soon Slap Montana’s Court of Religious Animus – But Will It Matter?

Kendra Espinoza is a low-income single mom in Montana whose two daughters have been bullied in public school – and are trapped there because of her lack of means. The Montana Legislature tried helpi …

NEW: The 9th Circuit Spotlights a Presidential Candidate’s Hostile Workplace

Steve Bullock’s presidential campaign rollout two weeks ago hit a clinker when Bullock tried to identify his biggest accomplishment during his two terms as Montana’s Democratic governor.  But …

Is Montana’s “GOP” Attorney General About to Switch Parties?

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, who will be term-limited next year, ended speculation about his future a few weeks ago by announcing his candidacy for governor in 2020. What some are still wondering …

Does America Need More Ilhan Omars? And Are We Allowed to Ask?

“Is it possible to write honestly about the Israel lobby’s power in D.C. without using any anti-Semitic ‘tropes’ at all?”  That’s the question self-described conservative Andrew Sulli …

Montana Democrats Plot to Keep Harassment Victims Gagged

One of the most sickening consequences of working for Harvey Weinstein was that, after he was through victimizing you, his attorneys took their turn. Victims with the courage to complain and demand co …

Montana’s “Republicans” Are Entrenching Felons Within the GOP Leadership

Erick Erickson’s post earlier today details the sickening story of how the Speaker of the Georgia House, who is also an attorney, has been able to delay the trials of accused child molesters, someti …

Has Montana’s #MeToo Moment Finally Arrived?

The #MeToo tsunami triggered by Harvey Weinstein, part-time movie mogul and full-time rapist, has crashed far beyond Hollywood and drowned celebrities and public officials in every corner of the natio …

The Democrats’ Jew Haters Are on a Roll

Anti-Semites always lose in GOP primaries, but do well in Dem primaries. The GOP should tell that to independent voters.

Billy Graham’s Successor Shouldn’t Be Excusing Religious Bigotry

Corporate persecution won’t stop Greg Laurie from winning souls but will harm lesser-known evangelicals.

Textualists Survived a Political Dunkirk in 2016

Judicial Crisis Network is helping lift the judiciary out of a sea of watery jurisprudence.

A “Bronx” Socialist Makes the Case for School Choice – Inadvertently

Ocasio-Cortez’s family kept her out of a failed school. Poorer families deserve the same option.

BREAKING: SCOTUS Agrees With FDR ”“ Government Unions Are Parasites

The Left suffers another blow as SCOTUS upholds public workers’ 1st Amendment rights to avoid getting fleeced by unions.

The Constitution Permits Sanctuary States — For Guns

State anti-commandeering statutes are needed to thwart federal gun control laws that will proliferate after 2020.

Montana’s Tester Takes to the Sewer – And Gets a New York Beat Down

Jon Tester had been playing Tester’s game. And winning. Now he’s playing Trump’s game.

Trump 2020 is on a Collision Course With Zinke 2024

Zinke’s support of a Californian’s Montana senate campaign jeopardizes that seat, CAGOP House seats, & Trump’s agenda


Stumbles by the incumbent Democrat, and a showdown among the GOP’s 4 candidates, make this a race to watch.


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