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New Nonprofit Launches to Fight Foreign Corruption

From time to time, corruption rears its ugly head in national and state politics and the appropriate law enforcement authority finds it and prosecutes it. It’s a credit on the U.S. system that s …

When President Trump stands up for Open Skies, America is rewarded

rAt the recent CAPA Americas Aviation Summit, a panel of renowned aviation industry professionals took the stage to discuss the future of one of the most important global aviation topics of our t …

Why are American Companies Still Taking Money from a Known Human Rights Violator?

Foreign investment is nothing new in our country. In fact, in many cases, it has played an instrumental role in helping American companies reach unprecedented heights. But foreign investment is also s …

Flawed New FDA E-Cigarette Policy Should be Reversed by Incoming Commissioner

Outgoing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb released a new policy last month aimed at addressing the increase in teen smoking. The FDA claims the recent spike in teen smoki …

Typical Left-Wing Smear Targets Energy Industry

Push to reduce regulatory burden leads to NYT bashing Kochs

New Space Age Requires Greater Focus on Astronaut Safety

The commercialization of space will lead to more space flights, but that need not mean greater danger for our astronauts

Exclusive Privacy Focus on Social Media Networks is Too Narrow

Internet companies have already taken drastic steps to update privacy standards. Congress should broaden their view.

New Film “Chappaquiddick” Reminds Us That Integrity Matters Most

A review of the new film, “Chappaquiddick”, which opens in theaters everywhere Friday, April 6.


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