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Marc Giller

Marc Giller is the author of the science-fiction novels HAMMERJACK and PRODIGAL, and a contributor to the Star Trek anthology THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. He is also the author of the forthcoming thriller CANDIDATE Z.

The Self-Destructive Philosophy of Nihilism

A special guest column by my daughter Lexie!

Pelosi vs. AOC: Let the Games Begin

It’s the creme de la creme of the Democrats in a show with everything but Yul Brenner.

NBC’s Climate Propaganda

Is there nothing that climate change can’t do?

Joe the Joker

I guess Biden wasn’t watching that closely after all.

A Convenient Crisis

Too many politicians would rather slay mythical beasts than tackle real-world problems.

You Keep Forgetting

Conservatives accept the media narrative at their own peril.

No Tellin’ Lies

If the media refuse to report on a scandal, does that mean it never really happened?

Fascist Freakout

Why, it’s almost as if Hillary Clinton is looking in the mirror.

The Left’s Corporate Shock Troops

We’re quickly becoming a private-sector dystopia.

Fight for the Right

Internecine battles within the conservative movement reveal its weakness—and strength.

The Daily Beast is Chilling Free Speech

We live in an age when the media are reserving the First Amendment only to themselves.

NYT Gets Mad At Maddow, Sours On Lemon

Who knew the Old Grey Lady was afraid of appearing pasrtisan?

Mulling Mueller

So… How about that Robert Mueller press conference? Don’t worry if you—like the happy majority of the country that isn’t glued to cable news shows or Twitter 24/7—missed out on all the f …

Beyond Discussion

Serious issues merit serious discussion—but what happens when we’re not allowed to talk about them?

Shattered Norms

It’s not a run of the mill Republican presidency.

Suspicious Minds

The media try to turn a humdrum non-story into a scandal. Again.

Game of Taxes

The battle over Donald Trump’s tax returns heats up.

We’re Through Being Cool

They came. They saw. They faltered.

It Sure Looks Like Spying

It’s becoming obvious that the investigation into Russian collusion was less about national security and more about politics.

California to Trump: No Tax Returns, No Ballot

There’s absolutely, positively no way this could blow up in Democrats faces, right?


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