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Marc Giller

Marc Giller is the author of the science-fiction novels HAMMERJACK and PRODIGAL, and a contributor to the Star Trek anthology THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. He is also the author of the forthcoming thriller CANDIDATE Z.

You Never Even Called Me By My Name

Sometimes it’s hard to be a congresswoman.

Why We Need the Electoral College

It’s not hard to understand—unless, apparently, if you’re a Democrat running for President.

Gulp Fiction

Beto gets busted for bad writing. I’ve been there myself.

Just What I Needed

Chris Murphy is absolutely, positively not here to take your guns. He just says you don’t need them.

Greener Pastures

We don’t need a Green New Deal to cut down on the carbon. We just need a sensible policy that actually works.

Everything is Fake

Where’s that red pill when we need it?

Girl, You Know It’s True

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is nothing more than a product created by Socialism, Inc.

What Ails Us

Sometimes it seems as if we’re the Divided States of America.

DNC Boots Fox News From Presidential Debate Slate

The Democratic National Committee, which has seen more than its fair share of election controversies over the last few years, has just announced that it will exclude Fox News from consideration in car …

The Essential Difference Between Left and Right

It’s not really that complicated, as Dan Crenshaw shows in remarks before Congress.

Putin’s Useful Idiot

By seeking to undermine faith in America’s electoral system, Hillary Clinton continues to inflict far more damage than Russian troll bots ever could.

Cory Booker Accidentally Spills the Beans on Democrat Policy Failures

He says that America is no longer the best place to achieve the American dream.

This Is Not Conservative

Die hard NeverTrumpers are hoping to damage the president enough to assure he loses.

Don’t Know Much About History, Mussolini and AOC

A GOP senator has a little fun at the expense of socialism’s new It Girl, but she is less than amused.

Irreconcilable Differences

Is the country simply too divided to remain one nation?

FBI Lawyer Wanted to Charge Hillary

Forces behind the scenes colluded to make sure it never happened.

Enter Sandmann: Covington Teen Sues WaPo for $250 Million

The newspaper that once broke Watergate is now embroiled in a scandal of its own making.

CBS News Reporter Blasts Media for Liberal Bias

Veteran correspondent Lara Logan faces danger yet again in her quest to report the truth.

Did @Jack Admit That Twitter is a Publisher?

By virtue signaling, the Twitter CEO may have undermined his own company.

Trump the Transformer

His presidency may well be among the most consequential in history—but there’s more to it than meets the eye.


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