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Marc Giller

Marc Giller is the author of the science-fiction novels HAMMERJACK and PRODIGAL, and a contributor to the Star Trek anthology THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. He is also the author of the forthcoming thriller CANDIDATE Z.

For 2020, Will Dems Favor Electable Over Liberal?

A recent poll suggests that for Democrats eager to beat Donald Trump, ideological purity takes a backseat to winning.

K-Pop, Boy Bands, and…Politics?

A special guest column by my daughter Lexie! Today, she muses on why politics in art crashes and burns.

Dems Defend Ralph Northam, Sense of Irony Hardest Hit

Forgiveness doesn’t work if it only goes one way.

Christopher Columbus Caused Climate Chaos

Another attempt at woke history checks all the right—or should I say left—boxes.

Green New Deal, Same Old Socialism

It’s a super socialist team up, as Ed Markey and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez set their sights on the American economy.

Texas Town Goes Green, Now Residents Have to Cowboy Up for Big Electric Bills

Georgetown sold the idea as a way to save money while saving the planet. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

Warren on the Warpath: Let’s Bash the Billionaires!

The smoke signals are clear—or is it just the same old song and rain dance?

Tulsi 2020

The Congressomwan from Hawaii has her sights set on the White House, but will get fellow Democrats allow her to remain positive?

NBC Tries to Work Its Own “Dark Magic” on the Covington Kids

The network criticizes the families for hiring a PR firm, even as their relentless spin proves why help is needed.

Ilhan Omar Piles More Lies on the Covington Kids

It’s one thing when the media attacks high school students for the crime of being Trump supporters. It’s quite another when a member of Congress does it.

Feeding the Outrage Machine

What happens when the media deliberately facilitate our worst impulses?

Imagine an Honest Media

It’s easy if you try.

Off to See the Mitch

They were four freshmen, searching for the Senate Majority Leader, when they should have been searching for a clue.

Stubble Justice Warriors

Gillette unveils a new ad campaign that scolds men for their toxic masculinity.

BREAKING: Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments by House GOP

The embattled Iowa Congressman has generated controversy—again—over making racially charged remarks—again.

DWI: Driving While Imbecile

Think the Tide Pod Challenge was crazy? Well, have we got news for you.

A Persuasive Approach to End the Shutdown

Shall we get down to brass tacks?

White House Sends Out Word to Prepare for Potential RBG Retirement

Will Donald Trump get another Supreme Court nominee?

State of Emergency or Abuse of Power?

Pundits warn of grave harm to the separation of powers—but is it already too late?

Six Potential Terrorists Apprehended at Border, NBC News Says No Big Deal

The Peacock Network thinks they busted Sarah Sanders in a lie, but they really busted themselves.


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