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Marc Giller

Marc Giller is the author of the science-fiction novels HAMMERJACK and PRODIGAL, and a contributor to the Star Trek anthology THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. He is also the author of the forthcoming thriller CANDIDATE Z.

Democrats are trying to break the border

Critical Mass

Can progressives learn to criticize themselves? Not likely.

The Media Are Using Racism as a Tactic

It’s not a coincidence that coverage is all race, all the time now.

Living in a Material World

CNN echoes the Democrats in thinking you should be happy with less.

ICE, Abrams and Incendiary Rhetoric

You better watch what you say, unless you’re a liberal Democrat.

Don’t Call Me Fredo

Tough guy Chris Cuomo goes to the mattresses with a heckler.

A Brief Note on the Gun Impasse

There are many reasons why the Left and the Right in this country have reached an impasse on the issue of guns and mass shootings. The one-sided media coverage—as I’ve lamented many times in these …

Murder Victims Are Flesh and Blood, Not Political Fodder

People should consider the human cost before using someone else’s tragedy for political gain.

If Trump is Responsible for El Paso, Ocasio-Cortez is Responsible for Tacoma

This is the dangerous game we’re playing now.

Dayton Shooter Expressed Extreme Leftist Views

Should it matter? No—unless we use the same standard as the mainstream media.

Media Bias Illustrated

It’s the reason we can never have an honest conversation about mass shootings.

David Perdue at the Resurgent Gathering

Georgia Senator David Purdue began his conversation with Erick Erickson this morning on a positive note, praising the state of the economy under President Donald Trump and touting the many accomplishm …

Mike Pence at the Resurgent Gathering

The Vice President talks about the course for the next four years.

Tom Cotton Speaks at the Resurgent Gathering

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas sat down with Erick Erickson at the Resurgent Gathering in Atlanta this morning. They began the conversation by talking about Cotton’s new book, Sacred Duty: A Soldier …

The Media Still Don’t Get Donald Trump

But he gets them—probably more than they would like.

Fighting Fair With Donald Trump

The Democrats just can’t bring themselves to do it.

Victim Dictum

“Go back where you came from!” is racist and insulting—except when it isn’t.

The Importance of Space Exploration

A special guest column by my daughter Lexie!

Liz Cheney Slays, Rashida Tlaib Brays

A tale of two Congresswomen.

Memory Holed

Words equal violence if you’re a Republican—but actual violence isn’t really violence if you’re a Democrat.

Incognito Socialism

The Green New Deal seeks to remake the world, not save it.


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