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Joshua Edmonds

Joshua Edmonds is the Executive Director of Georgia Life Alliance, the state affiliate for National Right to Life.

Arguments Against The Heartbeat Bill Keep Falling Flat

The Red & Black recently published an opinion piece lamenting how Georgia’s LIFE Act “shows a disturbing regression of women’s rights.”  The author lays out several arguments against …

Because We Care About Women

For the last week, I’ve heard one recurring theme from pro-abortion protestors around the State Capitol: if pro-lifers support passing HB 481, the LIFE Act, to restrict abortions after 6 weeks, then …

We Need To Talk About Stacey Abrams

And everyone like her. Everyone on “the other side.” The “pro-aborts” and the “radicals.”  We need to have a conversation. We made a post recently mentioning that we should watch Stac …


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