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Joseph Sacco

Nine year Navy veteran, Bachelors in Homeland Security, Master of Public Administration student.

Far-right “activists” smear a Democratic front runner.

Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl worked to falsely accuse Pete Buttigieg of sexual assault. We all know that the political discourse in this country has hit rock bottom – and kept right on digging. Howev …

AOC thinks “solitary confinement” is a problem

She believes that Chelsea Manning is being tortured while in prison for defying a subpoena. Our favorite Democratic Socialist is again in the news. No, not the almost octogenarian who honeymooned in t …

The Democrats are still bitter about Hillary losing. And they think they have an idea to solve that “pesky” Electoral College stumbling block.

Obviously, the best idea is to rid the country of it. Hillary Clinton lost. We know that. But to Democrats and the Left? It just wasn’t fair that she lost. “But the popular vote! She won the popul …

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want you to have 2nd Amendment rights.

After the New Zealand bans firearms, Bernie Sanders believes we should do the same. Democrats and the progressive left are nothing if not persistent. Like clockwork, they have demanded that the indivi …

Pray for wind, or freeze.

Minnesota residents faced a harsh reality of renewable energy when the wind didn’t blow. Are you ready for the Green New Deal? Living green sounds great to the Left. That is, until reality hits …

An American hunter pays $110k for a trophy hunt in Pakistan and some aren’t happy.

Some people protest the kill on species endangerment grounds but it is all about conservation in the end. Hunting is a very profitable business. Just ask American citizens that travel abroad to trophy …

Vaccinations are needed for children, and society, to thrive.

Anti-vaccination stances are harming American children. Jake Wagner covered anti-vaccine protests in Washington yesterday, pretty thoroughly I might add. But we need to truly understand the danger tha …

The Governor and Lt. Governor in Virginia may not be friends anymore…

Governor Northam and Lt. Fairfax are both beset by scandals. And the hits keep coming. It seems as if the state of Virginia, specifically its state level leadership, wants to take on the mantle of mos …

Senate Republicans want to deregulate suppressors.

Do you remember the chatter about Congress helping to ease restrictions on suppressors? Well, lost in all the hubbub of the recent shutdown, Nancy Pelosi being stubborn, and AOC’s gaffes, some good …

Capitalism is immoral! Or so I’m told.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hates capitalism because it is “immoral” Capitalism. That is the system that the United States of America decided was the best economic policy. Capitalism has lift …

The Left is leaning on lawless judges to try and stick it to Trump.

In the two years since Trump has been elected president, we have seen many attempts from the Left to resist his presidency with all their might. More often than not, their tries have failed miserably. …

The APA deems “masculinity” is harmful.

Toxic masculinity was just a phrase. Now the American Psychological Association sees it as an actual problem.

A Think Tank Wants The Fed To Be More Market-Driven

Two members of the Mercatus Center want the Fed to determine policy based on market performance.

Climate change alarmism takes a hit from a respected scientist

New data from a noted climate scientist means people in coastal cities won’t see sharks on Main Street anytime soon

A Hollywood celebrity helps save a Marine in need.

A former Marine was contemplating suicide. James Woods stepped in to help a veteran in need.

Two Democrat Senators want to help with Court vacancies.

Senators Feinstein and Harris want to help fill Ninth Court vacancies. Thanks but no thanks.

The NRA and the Medical Community are in a fight.

The NRA tells doctors to stay in their lane. Doctors fire back. Nobody wins.

Columbia University’s Pittsburgh statement misses something important

Columbia University’s student life office misses important information regarding the Pittsburgh shooting

We shouldn’t idolize Senators anymore

Senators perform a vital function in our Republic. But should we really hold them up as idols?

Chelsea Handler is accused of homophobia…again

Chelsea Handler tries to score a cheap joke. She comes across homophobic


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