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Joseph Sacco

Nine year Navy veteran, Bachelors in Homeland Security, Master of Public Administration student.

Capitalism is immoral! Or so I’m told.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hates capitalism because it is “immoral” Capitalism. That is the system that the United States of America decided was the best economic policy. Capitalism has lift …

The Left is leaning on lawless judges to try and stick it to Trump.

In the two years since Trump has been elected president, we have seen many attempts from the Left to resist his presidency with all their might. More often than not, their tries have failed miserably. …

The APA deems “masculinity” is harmful.

Toxic masculinity was just a phrase. Now the American Psychological Association sees it as an actual problem.

A Think Tank Wants The Fed To Be More Market-Driven

Two members of the Mercatus Center want the Fed to determine policy based on market performance.

Climate change alarmism takes a hit from a respected scientist

New data from a noted climate scientist means people in coastal cities won’t see sharks on Main Street anytime soon

A Hollywood celebrity helps save a Marine in need.

A former Marine was contemplating suicide. James Woods stepped in to help a veteran in need.

Two Democrat Senators want to help with Court vacancies.

Senators Feinstein and Harris want to help fill Ninth Court vacancies. Thanks but no thanks.

The NRA and the Medical Community are in a fight.

The NRA tells doctors to stay in their lane. Doctors fire back. Nobody wins.

Columbia University’s Pittsburgh statement misses something important

Columbia University’s student life office misses important information regarding the Pittsburgh shooting

We shouldn’t idolize Senators anymore

Senators perform a vital function in our Republic. But should we really hold them up as idols?

Chelsea Handler is accused of homophobia…again

Chelsea Handler tries to score a cheap joke. She comes across homophobic

Chelsea Handler tries a joke and falls flat.

Chelsea Handler tries to come across as “woke”. She doesn’t quite make it.

Sen. Flake is concerned with Kavanaugh’s “sharp and partisan” exchanges

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake thinks Kavanaugh was too sharp and partisan during his testimony. Yeah, sure.

Government Subsidies of Social Justice in Higher Learning

Drexel University and others are receiving National Science Foundation grants to study “social justice”.

Government S

The largest market share of online news source isn’t what you think

Reddit is now commanding a larger share of online news sources, passing Twitter and Facebook.

Tom Steyer denigrates the military and police in Iowa

Thanks for the soundbite Tom! The GOP can use it!

One character comparison and an entire country loses out on Winnie the Pooh.

China’s President Xi has been compared to Winnie the Pooh. The obvious response is to ban the movie.

Michelle Obama isn’t helping and Democrats are mad (Of course they are).

Mrs. Obama wants to drive the vote and stay out of the races. The Democrats desperately want her help.

A Billionaire makes a political contribution. The Left explodes.

Elon Musk had the audacity to donate to a GOP PAC. He therefore must be destroyed.


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