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Jonathan Hoenig

Man Needs Principles, Not Pragmatism

Moral principles are a practical, earthly necessity to anyone concerned with self-preservation.

Can a Society Exist Without a Moral Principle?

A great many people today hold the childish notion that society can do anything it pleases.

What is the Proper Function of Government?

The proper kind of government acts on the principle of a man’s self-defense

Government Had No Right to Fred Trump’s Money

By what moral right does the collective seize a dead individual’s wealth?

Chinese “Dumping” is a Gift

What is being “dumped” is not garbage but inexpensive, good quality products.

Chinese Dumping is a Gift

What is being “dumped” on us is not garbage but inexpensive, good quality products

What’s the True Meaning of Americanism?

The spirit of the American republic, as conceived by its Founders, is Individualism.


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