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James Silberman

James is a writer and an abolitionist of abortion. In addition to The Resurgent, his work can be found at The Federalist and the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

Abortion must be abolished immediately rather than incrementally. Read about why here:

Abolitionist and Gospel preacher pleading with mothers and fathers not to kill their babies at Planned Parenthood

Tom Nichols’ False Neutrality on Abortion

Of all the pro-choice foolishness, the idea that the anti-abortion argument is invalid because it comes from a Christian perspective is the most foolish. Once abortion supporters have argued that oppo …

Rally for the abolition of abortion in Texas

Texas Abortion Abolition Bill Gets Favorable Committee Assignment

A bill which would abolish abortion in Texas is primed to begin moving through the State House. TX HB896 was referred to the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee chaired by Rep. Jeff Leach (R-P …

State Regulation of Family Life is on the Rise

Among the most foundational worldview differences between conservatives and progressives is the conservative position of family being the cornerstone of society vs the progressive position of the gove …

Jennifer Rubin Preposterously Claims Democrats Are “Moving Closer to the Center”

While on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin argued that Democrats are becoming more moderate. “If you want a party that is moving closer to the center or whose v …

Pro-Choice Writer Denies Existence of Abortion Survivors

Never one to miss an opportunity to gaslight for the abortion lobby, Annalisa Merelli wrote at Quartz, “[t]here is no such thing as an abortion survivor.’” This is, of course, news to Gian …

Rusty Thomas explaining that abolition must be our cry in front of the Jackson, MS capital building

Immediate, Not Gradual Abolition of Abortion

In 1992, a Supreme Court made up of eight Republican appointees and a Democratic appointee who dissented in Roe v Wade was primed to overturn Roe in Planned Parenthood v Casey. But it didn’t. A majo …

The Three Men Keeping Abortion Legal in Oklahoma

The campaign website of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt reads, “I believe human life begins at conception and I’ll fight to protect the rights of the unborn in Oklahoma and across the nation.” Rep …


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