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Racism? Or a Botched Juxtaposition?

We have two options when it comes to dealing with Congressman Steve King. Steve King has responded to the House’s decision to strip him of committee assignments. Commentary on the method of dissemin …

Who Let The Dogma Out?

Tulsi Gabbard is having none of the “the dogma lives loudly within you” shtick. The phrase “the dogma lives loudly with you” entered the American political lexicon when President Trump nominat …

“Grab them by the Assault Weapons”

Dianne the gun grabber is at it again. This time, with a new and improved assault weapons ban.

Queen of America, RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s absence from the High Court has given some loyal peasants the vapors.

If Small Government Shuts Down In The Woods, Would Anyone Hear It?

Big government makes the shut down worse.

What About Banning This Word?

2018 was the age of “whataboutism.” I hate that word.

Chief Troll or Troll-in-Chief?

So not presidential…But can anyone blame him?

The Refined Romney Rattles the Right

Irony abounds. But not in the ways you might think.

Encouragement for the New Year

Find a better “life verse” from scripture.

Nuclear Mitch? Not so much.

The cerebral senate was urged to drop a nuke on cloture.

How Does Nature Sing?

Around Christmas, we are told of the joy that fell over all of Creation when God became flesh and dwelt among us.

Trump Gets $10.6 Billion

Wait, what exactly is it for? I think the base has been had.

Ben Sasse Opposes Criminal Justice Reform

The Senator from Nebraska is not satisfied with the FIRST STEP Act.

Right-Wing Judicial Activism Is Quantifiably Different

Every sane person on the right correctly pointed out that we aren’t ruled by lone judges.

Crossing the Border is Risky

Risky behavior confounds the role of Border Patrol.

Please, Kick Javanka Out Of The White House

Let’s amend the constitution while we are at it.

*SINCE* God is All-Good/All-Powerful, he allowed the Star Wars Prequels

A response to the Babylon Bee.

Sorry Sir, You’re Number 157,942,859 In Line

750,000,000 individuals across the globe want to emigrate.

“Isn’t There Anyone Who Knows What Christmas Is All About?”

“Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.”

The Crime Bill Doesn’t Do What It’s Supposed To

If the goal is restorative justice, this ain’t it.


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