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J Cal Davenport

Can We Talk About the Fact that Elizabeth Warren is No Policy Wonk

“Four legs gooood! Two legs baaaad!” So bleat the sheep in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, repeating the class warfare propaganda given to them by the pigs. In Elizabeth Warren’s world, corporati …

The Left Has to Choose Between Razing the Rich and Raising Revenue

Freshman congresswoman (and Democrat answer to Donald Trump) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a progressive, new, cutting-edge idea as a way to fund a new Green New Deal: a 70 percent top marginal tax rat …

The Resurgent Writers Recommend Books from our 2018 Reading

Where did we find wisdom and enjoyment in reading in 2018? The Resurgent writers recommend must-reads for the New Year.

The Trump Effect on Young Voters is Real

Exit Polling Confirms A Feared Trend

Beto O’Rourke is Very Optimistic About His Chances Today

Cruz’s challenger is not taking a realistic look at the polls.

Beto O’Rourke Is Optimistic About His Chances Today

CNN’s Meghan Vasquez writes: Asked if he thinks he’ll win, he said, “Yeah.” “I just — don’t have a poll, don’t have a pollster, just have traveled to …

A Protectionist America Isn’t America at Her Best

Our history shows that closedness to the world’s people and products is not a healthy extreme to pursue.

Hulk-Smashing Institutions Isn’t Conservative

Efforts to Defend Trump-in-a-China-Shop mean tossing prime conservative values out the window.

The Philosopher with a Better Fix for Modern Masculinity than Jordan Peterson

Can we do better than using dominance hierarchies to find a satisfactory solution to what ails men these days?

A Gathering

This weekend’s Gathering was to be a forum about what conservatism is. It did that not just in the content it presented.

Conservative Googler on Chinese Censorship and Prager U YouTube Restrictions

Max Pappas attempts to set the record straight on Google actions conservatives haven’t always liked.

One Issue is Saving the Trump Presidency for (Some) Conservatives

Recent news reminds us that if you are about one issue above all, you’re probably pretty happy with Trump

San Francisco Shifting Right?

Nearly half of Bay Area residents want to leave, but some have other ideas of how to fix the crisis.

There Is No Dynamic Social Justice Without Economic Growth

Redistribution cannot be the main ingredient to making the lives of the worst of better. Here’s why.

Why I Can’t Back the House’s Version of Tax Reform

The House tax reform plan contains a change that will have devastating effects on Americans and the economy.


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