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We’d better start admitting what our political climate says about us. Soon.

We don’t want to admit it. We’re doing everything to avoid it. But we better stop lying to ourselves.

Ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh Accuser Filed a Restraining Order Against Her

Not only that, but she also has a connection to Christine Blasey Ford.

Are you Disgusted by the State of Politics? Here’s Why You Must not Disengage.

Our politicians are a reflection of us. (No, really, they are.) Is this who we are? Or are we better?

Do You Ever Feel Abandoned by God? Emotions Aren’t Always our Best Guide.

Let’s be honest: life is often grueling. Should we trust our emotions in those times? No, and I’ll tell you why.

July 4 is over—get back to hating and silencing your political opponents!

Before you dive back into the hate-fest on social media, consider what it will look like once that’s fully played out.

Once Again Everything but Socialism is to Blame for Socialism’s Failures

Socialism is never to blame for the results of socialism–it’s always something else.

Seattle needs a new slogan after yesterday’s attack on jobs

Will the city’s lust for ever more tax dollars be slaked? Don’t count on it, smaller businesses; you’re next.

UK Fire Chief uses the Word “Man” in a Meeting—and was Publicly Reprimanded

Brace yourself for possibly the most gruesome story you’ll read all day.

Why Did Jesus Die? Your Own Sense of Justice Proclaims It.

We all demand justice—rightly so. But we want mercy for ourselves. God knew we needed both and were capable of neither.

Are you Suffering Greatly? It’s likely God is Drawing You Near to Him.

God frequently uses suffering in the lives of those he uses most. Just ask Jesus. And the prophets. And the apostles.

Hey, You Lucky Ducks—Guess What’s in the Omnibus Spending Bill?

Border Security? Done! We’re getting 33 feet of new fencing. More infrastructure spending? We’ve got you covered!

Andrew McCabe is Out—Could This Be The Beginning?

Is this the swamp draining we’ve all been promised?

Mother’s Day Gets a Gender Neutral Makeover

Enough with honoring mothers! Now we can honor no one (or anyone) for no reason (or any reason).

Student May Not Graduate after Stating there are Only Two Genders

Students are learning so much more in college these days—such as what happens when you dare to have a differing opinion.

In Venezuela, parents of hungry children are facing the unthinkable

Venezuelans are desperately hungry and now the government is bribing them with food for the upcoming election.

Trump announces new punishment for consumers: Tariffs!

Because these tariffs won’t do significant economic damage—like other tariffs in history.

Were last night’s events effective for either side of the gun debate?

With emotions running high; if our goal is safety for our kids, here are some things we may wish to consider.

CPAC invited which French Nationalist to speak at their conference?

Now, more than ever, we need to have our eyes wide open to know who it is we’re listening to and what they believe.

Laws might help—but they won’t fix the real problem

Do we want a true solution following the latest horror this week or merely another band-aid to make us feel better?

Valentine’s Day—like everything else—must be attacked

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, you are simply capitalist, heteronormative scum.


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