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Conference Update Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Will Speak at the Resurgent Gathering. REGISTER NOW. arrow_right_alt close

Conservative Groups Win $3.5M in Suit against IRS Abuses under Lois Lerner

Taxpayers are once again on the hook for their government’s malfeasance. A federal judge recently found in favor of dozens of conservative groups which brought a class-action lawsuit against the IRS …

The Governor of WA has His Eyes on the Presidency—Here’s What You Need to Know about Him

Jay Inslee is running for president in 2020. Who? The governor of Washington State. It’s hard to keep track of the hordes of people vying for the Democratic nomination, so I thought it’d be useful …

House Majority Leader: State of the Union is OFF!

In an interview with CNN’s Kate Bouldan, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said the State of the Union address (SOTU) is not happening! Hoyer indicated that, since Trump was using the gov …

Remember When Jesus’ Hands Were This Small? A Christmas Reflection

Now when I think about the Creator of Heaven and earth becoming a baby, it’s far more up close and personal.

New College Course for “Snowflakes” Takes Aim at “Lack of Viewpoint Diversity”

“This lack of diversity damages the mission of higher education.”

Actual Witches to Trump: Stop Saying “Witch Hunt!”

It’s often dicey to tell this president what not to do.

Following Court Victory Trump wants to Work with Dems on Obamacare Replacement

After advocating repeal, the president now wants to work with Dems to pass Obamacare “replacement” legislation?

Church puts Baby Jesus in a Cage in Solidarity with Migrants

Because in Woke America 2018, “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

Now The Lord of the Rings is Racist and “Has Dire Consequences…for Society”

The Orcs are fictitious, flesh-eating creatures bent on the eradication of all races. Also, you’re probably a racist.

New Anti-Gun Law Pushes Town in WA to Create “Sanctuary City” for Gun Rights

Sheriff will not comply with new law and proposes a new ordinance to the City Council.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wows with Knowledge of Three “Chambers” of Government

Even if they were “chambers,” she got them wrong.

Breaking: Porn Star Lawyer Michael Avenatti Arrested for Domestic Violence

Reports indicate his estranged wife’s face was “swollen and bruised.”

Strict Anti-Gun Initiative Passes in Washington State: Here’s What it Does

Washington voters are, positive that, criminals will obey this law–unlike all the other ones.

Hillary: “Very Significant Difference” between Her Husband and Kavanaugh

Hillary’s statements on civility in politics–and everything else–is exactly why people tune out of politics.

I Watched a Liberal Friend Melt Down after Kavanaugh—And I Had an Epiphany

How were we treated when the shoe was on the other foot? How will we treat them now?

Ted Koppel has Surprising Admissions on Trump, the Media, and Double Standards

“CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.”

We’d better start admitting what our political climate says about us. Soon.

We don’t want to admit it. We’re doing everything to avoid it. But we better stop lying to ourselves.

Ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh Accuser Filed a Restraining Order Against Her

Not only that, but she also has a connection to Christine Blasey Ford.

Are you Disgusted by the State of Politics? Here’s Why You Must not Disengage.

Our politicians are a reflection of us. (No, really, they are.) Is this who we are? Or are we better?

Do You Ever Feel Abandoned by God? Emotions Aren’t Always our Best Guide.

Let’s be honest: life is often grueling. Should we trust our emotions in those times? No, and I’ll tell you why.


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