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Is This The End Of The Democrat Party As We Know It?

Or will they continue to hide behind the same old myths that have been supporting them for decades?

Starbucks Clarifies Policy On Non-Customer Use Of Its Stores

Sleeping, drug use, disruptive behavior will be forbidden, but purchase is not required to use facilities.

Rep. Keith Ellison: It’s a “Great Idea” For Government to Regulate CEO Pay

Though Ellison claims he is not a Socialist, you’d never guess that from ideas like this one.

It’s Time To Face Facts: Pensions Are Unsustainable And Need To End.

Taxpayers are sick and tired of footing the bill for the Ponzi scheme that is government pensions.

Climate Change Skeptics Vs. Alarmists: Who Helps the Environment More?

You know a trick question when you see one. If you think about it, the answer won’t really surprise you.

John McCain Deserves to Plan His Own Funeral His Way

Other opinions on it are neither needed nor wanted. In other words, mind your own business.

FBI Was VERY Busy with Firearm Background Checks in March and April

Setting records for background checks means a lot of gun sales, but also a lot of concealed carry permits since Parkland

Last Man Standing Returns

Wholesome values and solid comedy drive ratings success, but the show also has a needed message for everyone.

Amazon’s Timing is Terrible

Announcing outstanding earnings and a price increase on the same day is not a good idea

Tom Cruise’s Epic New Mission Impossible Stunt – A Former Skydiver’s Perspective

It’s nice to see someone so committed to his work that he did 106 skydives for the stunt. He didn’t just phone it in.

Is Kim Jong Un Playing Us?

Based on history, and on what geologists have discovered, the answer seems to be: probably.

China’s “Social Credit” Score Is A Black Mirror Episode Turned Into Reality

The implications are frightening.

NRA Crushes Previous Fundraising Record, Leaving Liberals Dismayed

The more the left attacks the Second Amendment, the more money the NRA brings in.

Netflix has huge Q1 increase in subscribers, dominates streaming market

Netflix continues adding new subscribers at an incredible rate, pours money into new original content to keep it up

Poll shows 68% of women dislike Trump personally, but why?

Overall 61% dislike Trump “as a person,” but 15% more women than men dislike him. Here are some possible reasons.

Black Panther overtakes Titanic in gross box office totals for North America

Blockbuster moves into third place, running closely behind Avatar

Diversity Dinners in LA seem to distinctly lack diversity

If they only include leftists, they aren’t very diverse. They are just more echo chambers, this time face-to-face ones.

North Korea ready for denuclearization talks, but what is different this time?

What makes denuclearization talks different this time than all the other times in the last 25 years?

Beto regrets profanity to describe Ted Cruz?

He says he does, but then not so much.

Even Google Guilty of Gender Wage Gap?

Google on front-lines fighting against “gender wage gap,” but suit against them for wage discrimination proceeds anyway


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