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The Chick-Fil-A Success Keeps Rolling On

Chicken haters have made no dent in Chick-fil-A’s stunning success, as it continues it’s trajectory toward becoming the third largest chain in the U.S., which is expected sometime by the end of 20 …

Progressives’ Idea of “Charity”: 1% Of Their Income, Raising Your Taxes, and Their Public Service?

In 2016, Bernie Sanders’ adjusted gross income (AGI) was over a million dollars for the first time. That same year, he donated only 1% of his income to charity. In the two years since, he has manage …

NHS’ Rationing Ensures Brits Will Be Too Blind To See The Truth Of Socialized Medicine

In yet another example of how wonderful socialized medicine is, a new report out of Britain is showing that the country’s single-payer NHS (National Health Service) has been rationing cataract surge …

Philly’s Soda Tax Fizzling

Philadelphia is finally reaping what it sowed in 2017 when it introduced a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on all sweetened (naturally or artificially) sodas in order to fund a universal pre-K program, while o …

Students Raise Funds For Sign Language Gospels

Passion Conference attendees raised more than $400,000 to translate the Gospels into Sign Language for 16 countries.

Rachel Maddow, Your Elitism Is Showing

Her insults against Liberty University and its alumni show her true colors, and they aren’t very pretty

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

We have to stop seeing others as the enemy and find the good in each other.

Dave Brat Concedes Loss in Virginia’s 7th House District

Blames the media and millions of dollars from outside the state for first Republican loss of the seat since 1971

Va. Rep Dave Brat Trailing Spanberger With Only Three Precincts Left To Report

The margin is very thin, and a recount may still be to come

Seniors Becoming More Sought After Than Teens For Some Restaurant Jobs

Cost, work ethic, social skills among the reasons.

Are Hillary’s Views on AI Something We Can All Agree On?

Maybe if they are genuine, but her statement is so hypocritical that it’s completely disingenuous.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Down Despite Dire Warnings By Environmentalists

Withdrawing from Paris Climate Accords not a mistake after all

Virginia Newspaper to End Political Endorsements

Help readers make up their own minds? Great idea!

Sasse vs. Hannity Round 2

Senator Ben Sasse takes on the outrage politics of Sean Hannity in his new book. Hannity melts down over criticism.

The Robots Are Coming For Your Job

Really? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Amazon To Raise Minimum Pay to $15/Hour

But is this news too good to be true?

Kyrie Irving Apologizes for Insisting That the Earth is Flat

Illustrates that words matter.

Beto = Just Another Cookie Cutter Far Left Progressive

His ideas are so trite and cliched, he should start peddling rainbows and unicorns next. They might work better anyway.

It’s Not About Kavanaugh

The fight over his confirmation is showing us clearly what it IS all about.

Bert and Ernie’s Orientation Shouldn’t Matter

It shouldn’t even be a question, as creator Frank Oz noted: “Why the need to define people as only gay?


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