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Eric Earling

I’m a consultant and writer with a background in politics, government, education, and health care. I have worked for a US Senator, George W. Bush, and as a health insurance executive . My politics are right-of-center though don’t fit neatly into an ideological box, especially in the Age of Trump. I currently live in New Orleans after spending most of my life in the Seattle area.

It’s time to plan for a post-Trump GOP

You can tell many people on the right don’t feel like they’re winning. And I’m not just talking about the midterms or recent government shutdown shenanigans. Look at the titles of sites and podc …

Trumpism brings out the worst in us on the National Mall

Editor’s note: see two updates below the original column based on additional information and developments, including extended video, subsequently emerging about  the controversy th …

Expel Steve King from the House GOP Caucus

Just because voters send someone to DC doesn’t mean a party has to welcome them

Expand the GOP Coalition…or enjoy the minority

Good people can debate how Republicans win back the House, but shunning part of the GOP isn’t a serious position

10 Misconceptions that are Screwing up Conservative Health Care Policy

We have to sort some things out before the GOP figures out a health care plan that doesn’t mean electoral doom

Lack of GOP Diversity is an Electoral Problem

The GOP lost the House in ’18 by losing touch with more diverse voters. They’ll stay in the minority until they fix it.

Republicans Need a Real Health Care Plan

The GOP may never run on a health care agenda, but it needs a health care plan to avoid electoral whippings

Four things the right is getting wrong about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Internet’s local progressive attention-getter deserves attention, but not for a lot of the reasons seen lately

Republicans lost the House in the suburbs…here’s a way to fix that

Suburbanites absolutely hammered the GOP in 2018…there’s a way to win them, and the House, back.

Why Conservatives Are Losing Health Care Policy Battles

The GOP pledged to “Repeal & Replace” Obamacare. They won the election but lost the policy fight. There’s a reason.

Yep, WA Primary Results are a Harbinger of GOP Doom in November

National analysts claim WA is a predictor of defeat for Republicans this fall. They’re right…and wrong.

Matthew Charles is Less Unique Than We’d Like

Conservatives should view the Matthew Charles as more than an egregious, one-time error

Some Conservatives Still Pushing the Obamacare Repeal Rock Up the Mountain

Another Obamacare repeal effort…will this lead to anything but another Sisyphean result?

What a New Museum on Lynching in America Means for Us Today

A jarring new look at lynching in America opened recently in Alabama. Conservatives should care about it.


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