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Eric Earling

I’m a writer with broad interests and a professional background in politics, government, education, and health care. I worked for a US Senator and George W. Bush, as well as a health insurance executive. My politics are right-of-center though don’t fit neatly into a particular ideological box. I was a Republican before Trump. I currently live in New Orleans after spending most of my life in the Seattle area.

What we love about Game of Thrones

It’s the characters, stupid.** No, not because Westeros is a magical world of dragons and knights and white walkers and battle scenes and intrigue. Not even because of the salacious violence and …

I’ve donated to 3 Democrats running for POTUS. Here’s why.

No, I’m not going to vote for them, but this lifelong right-of-center soul has given to three Democratic Presidential candidates. My tale of “why?” is a reminder we often focus on voting …

Trump’s 2020 health care gambit is worse than we thought

I imagined the “hey, let’s talk about Obamacare again!” was going to go badly for President Trump and Republicans. I underestimated the problem. Trump issued a trio of tweets last ni …

Trump is leading the GOP over a health care cliff

Donald Trump is impulsive. He does things on a whim. Based on gut instinct. And at times trying to live up to what he believes his base wants (see, the Wall). He seems to be using a similar calculus & …

Take 2: Rating the Dem 2020 field by IQ

With Saint Beto making a decision it’s time to update our IQ list of the Democratic presidential field. Yes, we’re assessing the field by their interesting quotient, because stereotypical “p …

The Conservative Case for Supporting Vegansim

Wait, wut? Yes, conservatives should support veganism, even if vegan activists might drive us crazy. Should you go vegan? I don’t care. Well, I do. But, that’s not the point of this post. Nor is t …

Rating the Democratic POTUS field by IQ

No, not that kind of IQ. A different one. Call it the “interesting quotient.” If we learned one thing from the monster GOP Presidential field of 2016 it’s the ability to be interesting and draw …

One Arizona case shows why criminal justice reform is needed

An appalling incident from 2017 in Glendale, Arizona popped into the news over the weekend based on those events becoming the subject of a federal lawsuit. The attention grabber is the tasing of a man …

Medicare for All is Repeal and Replace for Democrats

Over-promising is a bad thing, especially in politics. Doing so makes your supporters angry if you promise big on high profile issues and fail to deliver. Especially over time. Just ask Republicans as …

It’s time to plan for a post-Trump GOP

You can tell many people on the right don’t feel like they’re winning. And I’m not just talking about the midterms or recent government shutdown shenanigans. Look at the titles of sites and podc …

Trumpism brings out the worst in us on the National Mall

Editor’s note: see two updates below the original column based on additional information and developments, including extended video, subsequently emerging about  the controversy th …

Expel Steve King from the House GOP Caucus

Just because voters send someone to DC doesn’t mean a party has to welcome them

Expand the GOP Coalition…or enjoy the minority

Good people can debate how Republicans win back the House, but shunning part of the GOP isn’t a serious position

10 Misconceptions that are Screwing up Conservative Health Care Policy

We have to sort some things out before the GOP figures out a health care plan that doesn’t mean electoral doom

Lack of GOP Diversity is an Electoral Problem

The GOP lost the House in ’18 by losing touch with more diverse voters. They’ll stay in the minority until they fix it.

Republicans Need a Real Health Care Plan

The GOP may never run on a health care agenda, but it needs a health care plan to avoid electoral whippings

Four things the right is getting wrong about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Internet’s local progressive attention-getter deserves attention, but not for a lot of the reasons seen lately

Republicans lost the House in the suburbs…here’s a way to fix that

Suburbanites absolutely hammered the GOP in 2018…there’s a way to win them, and the House, back.

Why Conservatives Are Losing Health Care Policy Battles

The GOP pledged to “Repeal & Replace” Obamacare. They won the election but lost the policy fight. There’s a reason.

Yep, WA Primary Results are a Harbinger of GOP Doom in November

National analysts claim WA is a predictor of defeat for Republicans this fall. They’re right…and wrong.


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