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Congresswoman Mia Love Leads The Way

There are no-brainer issues in politics that people are afraid to touch. Human trafficking should not be one of them.

Why are we still in the Iran Deal?

The 2015 Iran Deal was a scam from the beginning. Why are we still in it?

A Win for Conscience’s Sake

The Air Force’s reversal in the case of Colonel Leland Bohannon is a win for individual’s rights and conscience.

Is Wisconsin About To Reverse Itself?

It looks like Wisconsin is on the verge of rolling back all the reforms from 2011.

Is Wisconsin About To Reverse Course?

Wisconsin is on the verge of reversing the progress it has made over the past 7 years.

Steve Bannon is only “mostly dead”

While Steve Bannon took a beating yesterday, make no mistake. He’s only mostly dead.

Has Steve Bannon Lost His Mind?

Is it possible that on the heels of losing the Alabama Senate race that Steve Bannon has lost his mind?

Fox News=Obi Wan?

As I read the news of the Disney/Fox merger yesterday, the question on my mind was: what does this do for Fox News?

Congressman Blake Farenthold To Retire

Another Texas Congressman announces his retirement, but this one is tied to potential sexual harassment.

By What Standard?

In a world of gray, we are suddenly asked to make definitive judgement in black and white. But by what standard?

Bullied for Her Faith

There is a remarkable dissonance in America today, driven by a narrative that people of faith are lesser human beings.

The Museum of the Bible

Rarely have I seen something to well done on such a grand scale. The Museum of the Bible is a top notch experience.

McConnell, Moore, Menendez and Hookers

Mitch McConnell faces a conundrum in Alabama regarding Roy Moore. His only course of action appears to let this story play out.

Conservative College Group Denied Status at Public University

Turning Point USA was denied recognition as an official campus organization by the UW-Stevens Point student senate Thursday night.


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